How To Create A Good Blog?

How to make a good blog that you and your readers will love.

To be in a blogosphere for more than half a year, i have learnt many new interesting things.

First step of blogging is when you are finished with wordpress installation (or other blogging softwares) in your webserver and you have finally an online blog that can be accessed by family, friends, or Search Engines visitors.

Of course not to forget the basic SEO of your blog after it is installed,  but  you would not stop on that point, your blogging journey has started and sometimes, you feel bored about blogging too. That happens, and you’re allowed to have “these days”.

How to create a good blog?

1. Choose a domain that easy to remember and also have a keyword in it.
Find more in how to choose a good blog title and names in my older post.

2. Blog about anything you like and know most.
Having blogging topics that you like, will make you enjoying the post you write, answering the readers’s questions or feedbacks to your related posts.

3. Offer most to your readers, be helpful.
I know it is hard to apply, especially when you have a job or something else in your life. But as long as you try, the readers will notice your “good will” to be helpful if they need you.

4. Don’t ignore comments or feedbacks.
I personally do not receive lots of comments (i guess because my blog is a nofollow blog :) ) but whenever people comments i try to reply or at least say thank you even it needs forever because i am sometimes busy.

Feedbacks are my favourite, especially the honest one that can make this blog better.

5. Keep updating your blog.
It is very hard sometimes, especially when you lost your mood to blog. This happens to every bloggers. But try to update your blog at least once a week. Or have a “Guest posting” tab so that you can get Guest blogger to write an article in your site.

Imagine, your loyal readers visit your blog and expect to see new post and notice your blog has not been updated for weeks or even months.

Those are my 5 simple tips that i can think of right now, did i miss anything? ;)

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  1. Caroline Jones says

    Kimi – I wonder if you can help. I have looked for some answers using Google but not found any. I had put a video on my Blog, using the video url on the Blog post. When it appeared on the Blog, the video picture was too large and extended over the right hand sidebar. I don’t know how to re-size it so that it fits better. Can you point me in the right direction? I would be so grateful

  2. Caroline Jones says

    Hi Kimi – thank you so much for this advice. I will try it and let you know how I go on. I’m not only stopping by, but have you on RSS feed. I think your advice is terrific and I thank you for giving so much. I hope I can repay you some time in some way…

    • says

      Yes, let me know how it goes.

      You can help me to promote this blog by spreading to your friends or site’s visitors if you like ;)

      Thank you for following my rss feed Caroline.

  3. Caroline Jones says

    Hi Kimi – everything worked just fine, and yes, I am telling my friends about you and shall be promoting on new website. Many thanks..

    • says

      Glad to hear it works fine! I have checked your site :-D

      Thanks so much for spreading this blog around Caroline.

      Best regards,