How To Create Wallpaper With Photoshop

Creating a cool light effect wallpaper with Photoshop Tutorial.

Wallpapers are in fact easy to create, if you love working with photoshop. Today, this video will guide us how to make wallpaper.

The result will be cool, it is kind of an abstract wallpaper with light effect.

1. Open a new document.
2. Download free Photoshop abstract brushes here:

3. Click “brush” icon in your tool bar, pick the abstract brush you’ve just downloaded.

4. Choose bigger size, and white color, so we can see the best effect in the end.
5.Click a few times in your document, in some places.
6. Copy the layer by pressing CTRL+J, with this layer selected, click “filter” in the top bar, then “blur” -> “Gaussian Blur” Set radius=5px. Still with the same layer, set the opacity to 50%.

7.Create a new layer, click “brush” tool and choose the blur round brush (see image).

8. Choose light color, like baby blue, and start to brush the document.
9. Choose another color and do the same in step 8.
10.After you’re done with brush-coloring, right click this brush layer and select “Blending Options”.
11. In this layer style dialog box, choose “Blend Mode” to “color”.

The result will be cool, now you have created a cool abstract wallpaper!

End Result.

Video Tutorial:

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  1. Pankaj Gupta says

    I am currently learning Photoshop from Internet, because of lack of time. This tutorial is useful for me because I am beginner and I need detailed tutorial. Thanks for providing.. Will wait for other Photoshop tutorials from You.

    • says

      Hey Pankaj,

      I am actually not really good in Photoshop LOL..

      This is why i embed video from YT.

      Will definitely try if i have a chance, thanks.