How To Delete Blog

How you can delete or remove your free blog forever and permanently.

Who has never used free blog is very popular since it is free and a great site if you want to learn about blogging, however i still recommend that if you are serious to blog or even want to make money from your blog, it’s better to get your self-hosted wordpress blog.

Deleting your blog in, is different than deleting your wordpress blog from your server. Check my tutorial how to delete installed wordpress blog from your webserver.

There are many people who i noticed still want to know how they can delete free blogs. I didn’t know how either, until today, i found a great resources from itself.

I still need a account to keep my akismet api key for my wordpress akismet plugin activation, because this plugin is so very important to combat spams in this blog.

If you really want to delete your account;

You can delete your blog in, but you can’t delete your account. In, once you sign up with an email address, you can’t use the same email address to sign up again. If you want to sign up with the same email address, then you can change your current email address with another email address, it is in “Tools” and “Personal Settings”.


If you want to delete or remove’s blog forever and permanently:

Great resources with picture, however i made a screencast about it below;

Successfully deleting blog.

Video Tutorial;

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