How to Find YouTube channel comments 2012

YouTube channel comments– I currently have a YouTube (YT) channel with quiet a lot of daily views which honestly surprises and amazes me.

In the past, I didn’t really care about my YouTube videos, and I used YT as my “Videos” server.

However, since I noticed, I got many likes in my many videos, I start to pay a little bit more attention to my video channel.

Also, I tracked some keywords ranking, and in this new Google’s algo (at least when this post is published), some of my YT videos rank higher than my posts :-(

YouTube channel comments in the new layout

Back to the topic of this post. Actually, I don’t receive a lot of channel comments, but since the design and layout are new, one someone commented on my channel this morning, I couldn’t find these comments in my channel.

In the old channel, once you visit a channel, you will find the comment sections directly right in the bottom of the owner’s channel.

But not in the new layout – YouTube channel comments are disappeared, it’s not where it used to be! (related: embed youtube button in the new design)

How to find YouTube channel comments?

It’s a bit hidden, but in fact easy to find.

You can view them with these steps

1. Go to your channel, or someone else’s.

2. By default, you will see “Featured”, “Feed” and “Videos” tabs on the top, with “featured” is highlighted.

Click on “Feed”

youtube channel comments
YouTube Channel Comments

3. Then you will see small buttons, which are “Activity” and “Comments”

Click on “Comments”.

That’s it, now you can find and view your YouTube channel comments.

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