How To Fix Or W3C Validate WordPress

Is w3c Validation important for your website?

At least there are many preferences out there, and they are different from one to another.

But what is w3c actually? w3c stands for World wide web Consortium, basically, they care about web code standards, so that it will improve web page user’s experiences in your site. Read more here.

These are a few reasons which make sense to me on why we should validate our site:

1. Trouble-free crawling from search engine spiders. If our site has clean code, it will help these robots easier to read our site. It means, we will get better indexing.

2. It certainly has positive effects for your users and yourself, because with valid code, your site will be more friendly across many kind of browsers and operating system platforms. I really noticed after cleaning up my code, my site loads faster.
3. Some of you probably already heard that Google will take a look at how fast your site or blog loads as algorithm, and to my opinion, it is important for organic rankings and page rank.

This is what we can do to help cleaning up our code:
1. Some plugins are buggy, for my regular visitor, they may notice, i remove some plugins. When i checked my code in validator, i noticed lots of error codes came from plugins, so i decided to clean them up.
2. This video will guides you on how to fix the validator error codes, by looking for a simple encoding problem that may happen to our site. (Also we can hear that my little sweet daughter screams in other room because she played with her daddy).
3. When we fix the errors, big time we do not need to delete the codes, but to look the explanations in w3c and correct the code.
Honestly, at first i just ignored my error, this is what i thought, “the famous and big sites have lots of error, but they get lots of traffic still, so this is not important”. Then i found out yesterday i got 63 errors and 5 warnings! i wasn’t so happy about it, it worries me and tried to fix it. Now, to me, validating my code is a very good idea! what about you?

Video how i validated my site:

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