How To Get Facebook API Key – New Facebook 2011

Facebook API key is important if you want to connect an application or plugin to your blog.

Like in Twitter, when you want to find your API key, you will need to create an application in Facebook developers page.

In fact, you can name this application as you like.

So this is the steps how to get or find your Facebook API key.

1. Login to your account.

2. Go to

3. Just like when you want to connect to an application, you will be asked whether you allowing the access or not, the message will be like this:

Allowing “Developer” access will let it pull your information, photos, your friends info, and othe content that it requires to work.

Now we need to click “Allow” button.

4. Click “Set up New Application” link on the top right.

5. Application Name: you can name it whatever you like.
Click “Agree” to the Terms and Conditions.

6. Now click “Create Application” .

7. In the new facebook, select, “website” and you will see your API key.

If you use old facebook.

Your Facebook API key.

If you use New Facebook.
facebook api key 2011
Video Tutorial:

The API key is the key that we were trying to find. Now you can you use your key!

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