How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

How to increase traffic to your blog tips.

As a blog owner, i am sure you have tried to do your best to optimize everything to increase traffic to your blog. If we talk about increasing traffics there are tons of blogging tips out there that you can digg around and try it yourself.

From my experience, after installed and configured the must have plugins for your wordpress blog, and get better interlinking in your site with the best wordpress widgets, it already helped increasing traffic to your blog.

What can you do with your website to increase traffic to your blog?

This is what i did, and of course you can try to increase traffic to your blog:

1. Read this useful tips to build backlinks for your blog.

2. Use must have wordpress plugins.
I have created complete guide to install and setting them up.

3. Submit your site to search engines.
I have made 3 tutorials how to submit to Google, yahoo, bing, and search engines.

4. Optimize your site so it can loads faster, example, compress your wordpress images.
Loading speed is nowadays important, because Google cares about the visitors in your site. So it is a good idea to try speeding up your site for getting faster loading times.

5. Build backlinks naturally, and if you can get a link from a site which has good reputation, they are usually .edu and .gov sites.
I personally do not have .edu or .gov sites (as i am aware of) but it is a benefit if you have one or more links. Because those sites are trusted by Google, and can lift the weight of your site’s importance.

6. Use related posts under your blog post. I have made a tutorial how to have related post box without plugin, but if you don’t want to add some codes yourself, try YARPP plugin.

7. Make sure you get links when you comment on blogs which has “comment luv” enabled.
Look for blogs which have commentluv plugin installed, and comment there, but really commenting and don’t spam. Also optimize your commentluv usage.

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Will the 10 tips above help to increase traffic to your blog?

Big YES! Trust me, at first i did not believe those tips because i thought those are BS, but they are not. Of course besides doing my tips above, you also need to write posts in your blog, the more posts you have the more chances you can increase traffic to your blog.

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