How to Install Windows 8 on a Mac Lion

Install Windows 8 on a Mac Lion – in this today tutorial, I want to write how I install Windows 8 on a Mac Lion OS X using a virtual machine, which is using VirtualBox, from Oracle. (using Windows 8 preview edition)

Actually there are many virtual machines that we can try, like VMware, Parallel Desktop and maybe many more.

A long time ago, I have tried Parallel Desktop, but I find VirtualBox is easier and you don’t have to purchase because it’s available to download for everyone.

If I would use Parallel Desktop, maybe the process would have been easier, not sure yet, but however, I was happy I could install Windows 8 on a mac lionimac with my VirtualBox.

Three things what you will need to install Windows 8 on a Mac Lion

1. VirtualBox, which is already installed in your system.

Installing VirtualBox is very easy in your Mac, so I won’t go in depth with it.

2. The Win 8 Preview .iso file from Microsoft. Download here.

The file is quite big, around 2GB more, so the download may need a while, depends on your internet speed.

3. The Serial number that it is only valid for preview version:


You might not need this third option, but I needed this otherwise, I could not even start the installation process.

I assume, if I would have installed Windows Vista or Windows 7 in VirtualBox already, I might not need it, I am not sure about it, haven’t really tested it.

How to Install Windows 8 on a Mac Lion video

If you can’t watch the video here, you can watch it in YouTube.

This is the installation steps:

1. I assume, you have installed VirtualBox, so let’s start your VirtualBox. (you can find it in “Applications” folder, or launch it via Launchpad).

2. If you have severals systems on VirtualBox, you will be familiar to create a new virtual machine, however, if it’s the first one, you’re going to click “New” icon on the top.

install windows 8 on a mac

Install windows 8 on a mac

3. Then, type in the name, in this tutorial I use “Windows 8” because I want to install Windows 8 OS.

4. After that, you’re going to click, next button several times, until you will finally see, the welcome page of VirtualBox once it’s opened for the first time, and has no virtual system yet.

5. Once this “Windows 8” virtual system is created, you are going to click the “Settings” tab on the top left and then “System” tab next to General, and then go to “Processor” tab.

Here, you’re going to tick on the “Enable PAE/NX” option.

install windows 8 on a mac


install windows 8 lion

6. Then, click on “Storage” tab, select the “empty” option under “IDE Controller”, and then next on the right, you see a small CD icon, click on that icon, to select “” option from drop down menu, and navigate to your Windows8.iso file.

Click “OK” button.

windows 8 lion

7. Next step is to click the “Start” Icon on the top. (with the “Windows 8” virtual machine selected).

The installation process will be started, a few notes I have to mention here is the email address.

When you’re almost done with the installation process, you will need to enter an email address.

And with VirtualBox, I personally couldn’t type the “@” nor copy it from my external file.

This is why, then I had to create a new email address, which was actually faster then looking for a solution.

Once the email address is created, it will bring you to the Windows 8 desktop, which I personally think, nice, but I prefer Win 7 somehow.

Because in my opinion, this Win 8 preview desktop looks like a smartphone desktop, colorful, hard for eyes.

Some great references I use to be able to install Windows 8 on a mac Lion system

1. Install Windows 8 on a virtualbox (using Windows system)

2. Serial key of Windows 8 preview

This is a screenshot of Win 8 desktop.

windows 8 imac

Windows 8

I like it, but there are a few things here and there which supposed to be improved, for small example, the start button which is only displayed when I hovered in the left bottom area.

And maybe the fish icon in the startup will also be improved, about the graphics :-)

But overall, Win 8 is an amazing newest operating system from Windows, and I bet everyone is already excited to be able to experience it themselves.

That’s it, I hope this installing Windows 8 on a Mac Lion can be helpful, thanks for following this far!.

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