How To Install WordPress Blog

Video Tutorial on how to Install wordpress blogĀ  not using fantastico but by uploading wordpress files with ftp in cPanel.

There are 3 ways of installing wordpress in hostgator, justhost, godaddy or any webhost that provides you cPanel . After i made a video how to install wordpress using fantastico, this time i will show you how we can install wordpress not using fantastico but using ftp, by uploading the files to your file manager.

If you want to Install wordpress 3, here is a video tutorial step by step video installing wordpress 3+.

So before i started this tutorial, you can actually use any ftp programs, but for this video i use filezilla. Here is a quick link where you can download it.

So what we will need:
1. Filezilla
2. Latest version of wordpress files
3. cPanel access
At the end of this video tutorial you will find out on how:
1. We configure our ftp host name, ftp username, and ftp password.
2. Install wordpress in cPanel.

1.Type in “blog title” with your keyword phrase.
2. Blog url, decide to choose with www or without www. To avoid duplicating content. Do google research about this for more info.
when i said slash, i meant dash LOL. Sorry for this :D

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