How to Install WordPress on Mac Lion OS X and MAMP

WordPress on Mac Lion OS X and MAMP post is actually updated tutorial from “install wordpress locally mac” because in this old post, I used Mac Leopard OS X.

Again, I personally have an offline blog, in my computer, to try a lot of things, such as plugins, new modification of a theme, and many other things.

It’s a very good environment to play around with your offline blog basically.

You can also, copy the exact same blog from your online blog to your computer, more steps on this, you can find in this copy live blog to computer tutorial.

Things you will need to install wordpress on Mac Lion OS X computer

1. Lion operated Mac computer.

Since I am also working with iMac powered by Mac Lion OS X, I want to share this tutorial with anyone who use the same system.

However, I am also using Windows computers, so I have created some posts regarding installing a wp blog offline.

Install blog locally on Leopard Mac.

Install blog locally on Windows Vista.

Install blog locally on Windows 7 and wamp.

Install blog locally on Ubuntu.

2. Next we need to download MAMP to install wordpress on mac lion OS.

If I do it with Windows computer, I like to use WAMP server, and with Mac, I like MAMP.

It’s more like a personal preference, but you can also look for Xamp, or bitnami.

These programs will be your local webserver, to play around with “offline” websites and blogs once the program is started and active.

Steps and videos to install WordPress on Mac Lion OS X system

1. I assume you have download MAMP.

When you download the MAMP zip file, it will be extracted to MAMP.pkg file.

Click that .pkg file once, and it will load the MAMP installer windows.

It’s pretty straightforward to install, so just follow the installation guides.

I personally delete the files that I don’t use anymore at the end.

Once MAMP is installed, you will have “MAMP” folder in your “Applications” folder.

2. Go to “Applications” – “MAMP” – “htdocs” folder.

If you haven’t installed any local blogs, then the “htdocs” folder should be empty. Here we will install our first wordpress on Mac Lion OS X in local webserver (MAMP).

3. Download files from download page.

Once it is extracted to “wordpress” folder, move this folder to “htdocs” folder.

Rename this folder to something else.

I usually rename it to my local site name. A small example, if I work on the copy of this blog, I name the folder like, “blogweb6” or something that easy for me to remember what site folder this is.

This is because when you work with many blogs offline in your local webserver, you will likely be confused which site has which folder.

Due to this fact, it’s best to rename all “wordpress” folder to specific site name.

In this demo, I name it, as “web6blog”.

install wordpress on lion

Applications - MAMP - htdocs - yourfolder

4. Open MAMP via launchpad.

You will see something like this (see below screenshot).

If you go to “preferences” button on the right, you will see “start/stop” tab, click on that and customize yourself to suit your convenience.

For an example, whenever you open MAMP, it will automatically redirect you to MAMP start page.

If you find it a little annoying, you can disable this option, by ticking off the “Open Start Page at Startup” option.

If you disabled it, and you want to access the start page later on, you can always, click the “Open Start Page” button in the front, anytime you like.

The other small preference that I changed is the “Check for MAMP PRO when starting MAMP”, I ticked the button off.

wordpress lion mac

Preferences of MAMP

Basically those two are my preferences changes, and I left anything else by default.

If you like you can also change a few other things like the ports, or the folder where you want to store the sites.

Example, if you like other folders other than htdocs folders, you can change it in “Preferences” and “Apache” tab.

Once all is like what you want, you can click “OK” button.

5. Next is to create a new database and a new user for the database.

If the startup page of MAMP open, you can click “phpMyAdmin” tab.

If it’s not opened yet, you can click “Open Startup Page” on MAMP application window.

In “phpMyAdmin” tab, you will see “create a new database” form.

Type in your database name here, in this demo I use, web6blogdb, then hit “create” button.

Then go to “privileges” tab on top. Click on “Add a new user” link (on red font).

Here type the information you have to give, here is what I type in this example:

– Username: web6bloguser

– Host (drop down menu, choose “local”): localhost

– Password: type your password

– Re-type: re type the password

*Database for user: tick on “Grant all privileges on database “web6blogdb”

*Global Privileges: click “Check All”.

Then, Click “Go” button on the right bottom of your screen.

6.. Time to install wordpress on Mac Lion OS X. First step is open your web browser, and type: http://localhost:8888/folderofyoursite

Because I named my folder as “web6blog” I had to type: http://localhost:8888/web6blog

This will turn on an error file, but no worries, we did ok so far, just click “Create a Configuration File” button.

You will then need to type in the information on step 5 above to this page.

In this demo:

Database Name: web6blogdb

User Name:web6bloguser

Password: web6pass1

Database Host: Localhost

Table Prefix: wb78987_

Hit “Submit” button.

7. If all went ok, you should see, “Run the install” button to install wordpress on Mac Lion OS X, and bring you to the site’s information.

Here is what I typed in here:

Note: in the screenshot, I ticked off the “Allow search engines to index my site” option, because this is my local site, I don’t need it to be indexed.

wordpress mac lion

Whoa, we have installed wordpress on Mac Lion OS X computer, enjoy your offline blog!

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