How to know my iOS version 2011 Tutorial

Why you want to know your iOS version?

Do you still think there is a new update for your iPhone’s iOS and you don’t know about it? Or you just want to know “how to know my iOS version”.

Yes, as the device owner, you want to have your iOS up to date.

What is iOS anyways? iOS is actually an Operating System (or known as OS) but just like with Apple’s products, everything is called with “i” like iPhone, iPod, iPad, iMac, etc, this is why, this Operating System which is inside your iPhone and operates your iPhone also called iOS.

Although some people complain, their iPhone (especially the 3G version and later) become sluggish and slow after the update, however, iOS is definitely optimized by Apple, and it’s best to always having and running the latest of iOS, unless you are a “jailbreaker”.

I personally wait for a few days or weeks before I updated mine, to be sure whether the newer version has some “bugs”.

This is because when there is un update of the latest version of iOS; the new iOS will be more “heavy” and this means, your older device won’t probably handle this update really well.

How to know my iOS version with iTunes?

As many other Apple’s devices, iPhone is also working with iTunes together in some cases.

This “how to know my iOS version” is no exception, you can also check it with iTunes.

To do so, while your iPhone is synced with iTunes, you will see your phone’s icon on the left sidebar, and when you click that small icon, you should see the version of your iOS on the right section.

How to know my iOS version with iPhone setting?

The answer to “how to know my iOS version” is easier with the iPhone itself in my opinion.

It’s less hassle than connecting your iPhone to iTunes. This is how you can do it, (I’m using iPhone 3G)

1. First you go to your home screen. Or you can click your “Home” button to go there.

2. In Home, tap “Settings” Icon (yellow highlighted)

how to know my iOS version

"Settings" icon

3. In Settings, tap “General”

ios version


4. In General, tap, “About”

iphone version


5. In About, you will find many things about your iPhone. Scroll down, until you see, “version” it will look more and less like this:

how to know my ios version

"version" of my iOS

Basically, the about tab informs you all the info of your Apple’s iphone as well as your device.

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