How To Make A Blog That People Would Read?

If you want to start a blog, you might think or ask, what kind of a blog you should build that people will visit your blog, and read your posts.

I guess that’s a normal question, especially if you have never blogged before. My own experience, i really didn’t plan anything, i like wordpress so i just create wordpress tutorial for beginners, and i am still doing it.

Soon, after i learn from many places, such as forums, other blogs, or even my own experience, blogging is all about what you are most passionate about, what you are big on.

Let’s say, you like to travel all around the world, you have lots of knowledge about travelling, and want to start a blog. It is so obvious that you should blog about travel. Give your readers any informations about travelling. Plan everything, firstly, choosing blog title or put it in your domain URL if it’s possible, then you can start on thinking what blogging software you would like to use, is it wordpress, blogger, or Joomla, even drupal?

Blogging about what we know best is very important because most of the times, your commenters give a feedback or they just ask any questions related to your posts. Imagine you don’t know much about what you write, people won’t come back to your blog.

Especially if you have a contact page, your visitors might contact you and ask for a help. As a good blog owner you will want to give the best help and informations for your visitors, so people will be happy to find your blog to read or find informations they may need.

If you feel confidence about what you wrote in your blog, you will really enjoy blogging and will love your own blog.

Happy blogging!

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