How to Make Your Blog Dofollow

How to make your blog dofollow — WordPress tips.

I have seen in a lots of forum, people keep asking, how to make their wordpress blog dofollow. One of my post, about how to detect if a blog dofollow or a nofollow, i have wrote, that after you installed your wordpress blog or website, your blog is a nofollow blog.

What can i do to make my blog dofollow?

If you want to have your blog, dofollow, you need to remove the “nofollow” link attribute that is applied to wordpress by default.

I am sure there are lots of ways to do it, but i only want to post two plugins that i personally have ever used to your blog dofollow.

1. Blog dofollow plugin.

I had this plugin once installed in my blog, i don’t use it now, because my blog is a nofollow blog.

This wordpress blog dofollow plugin will convert your blog from nofollow to be a dofollow. Once you installed it, it will automatically gives your blog dofollow attribute.

2. CommentLuv WordPress Plugin.

This plugin is very popular and really can increase your blog traffics. Because people tend to look for blogs which have this plugin installed to comment. (or to spread their links for free backlinks, to be honest).

If you are a commentluv user, do not forget to check optmizing your site’s link while you are commenting in commentluv enabled sites.

how to make your blog dofollow
Me, commenting in a dofollow blog, seeking for a free backlink :-D

One of these plugins will make your blog dofollow, i recommend to install just one of them, to decrease the plugins usage.

Benefits of having your blog dofollow.

It is very obvious, you will have more commenters to your blog. It means your traffic will be increased. But in my opinion, these commenters just want to have free backlinks in your sites, so you must be very very careful with the links.

I am sure there will be still genuine valuable comments, however most will only be link spammers.

Are you ready to make your blog dofollow?

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