How to Obtain High Quality Backlinks from Edu and Gov Websites

Winning an Edu or Gov backlink to your site can be a reason to celebrate! Many website owners often ask why these kind of backlinks are so important. The answer is simple. Highly reputable websites, with a high PR, that link to your site can increase the Google Page Rank of your own site. If you are in the middle of a backlink campaign trying to increase your Alexa rank or Google PR, then Edu and Gov backlinks will be valuable to you.

What Are the Edu and Gov Backlinks?

To start with, in the US edu sites are usually sites that belong to universities, colleges, scientific centres or laboratories. For example, the University of Hawaii would be Hawaii[dot]edu. Likewise, the official state of Hawaii site, with links to Business, Education, Commercial and other state matters would be ehawaii[dot]gov.

Why are Edu and Gov Backlinks Important?

A backlink to your site coming from an edu or gov website is a high quality link. Many SEO experts believe that Google gives this kind of links a “higher score” because it considers websites that belong to government and educational institutions highly credible. Let’s not forget, Google’s main job is to provide accurate, timely and reliable information as a result of user searches. Google lists websites based on the “references” they receive. The references are the links, which act like votes. The more votes a website receives on a specific topic from other credible sites, the higher Google will list it on search results related to that topic. The idea is to collect as many votes (backlinks) as you can from highly credible websites. When it comes to credibility Government and Educational Institute websites are at the top and that is why links from them are important.

Gov and Edu Websites vs. Link Farms
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backlinks from edu and gov websites

There are many “unethical” methods to getting backlinks to a blog. You will often see ads that promise to give you thousands of backlinks to your site in just a few hours for less than $10. You may also receive proposals from other website owners for link exchange, or you may receive emails from individuals offering to plant your website url in a link farm. As we said above, Google’s main task is to provide accurate and reliable information to its users. Google can now “see” if the votes your site receives are from credible sources. Link farms, directories, and link exchange methods are “false” votes as anybody can get backlinks from these sources. Therefore, search engines consider links from these sources as the least trustworthy. However, not anyone can get links from government or university websites.

Is it Easy to Get Backlinks from Gov and Edu Sites?

Government organisations are usually extremely rigid. In the offline environment, government employees are very careful about who they give recommendations to. In the online environment, government websites link carefully only to other reliable sources. Therefore, if you receive a link from an organisation that is owned by the government, search engines will consider this link highly trustworthy. As we said, government people are very cautions about who they give links to. They are very bureaucratic as they have to adhere to their own strict procedures. For this reason, getting links from Gov sites can be extremely difficult.

How to Receive Links From Edu and Gov Websites?

To start with, links from universities are easier to get if your website has educational information, such as the result of a public survey, statistical information, business related data, reputable business or commerce publications or some extraordinary and unique result that you created upon completion of reliable research.

Getting links from government sites is an entirely different story. Usually government sites link only to other government sites, or to approved service providers. For example, if the local government run marketing courses in your area and you manage to become the approve supplier of these courses, then you may request and receive a link to your website by the relevant local government department.

How to Receive Indirect Links From Edu and Gov Websites?

You may receive links from gov or edu websites indirectly. As we said, government sites do link to private sites that have been approved to supply and provide certain services. These can very often be private business development, training or charitable organisations that support various activities such as health or entrepreneurship. These private organisations often have websites of high PR due to the links they receive from various government sources. However, their websites may be desperate for fresh content and almost always they accept high quality, exclusive, relevant guest posts with “dofollow” links to your own site.

To summarise, getting links from edu or gov websites may be difficult if you run a small blog. However, you can get many indirect links from them by being a contributor to government approved organisations.

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