How to Open a Rar File on a Mac

Opening rar on Mac is a bit different than in Windows, especially if you are used to using winrar program like in PC.

I do really love winrar, and I am so used to this application, therefore, since I am now getting to work on an iMac, I wanted to use it too to open any rar files that I currently have.

In the other hand, however, opening a zip file is extremely easy, since you will not need any additional unzip software like on a PC.

If you are also switching from a Windows based computer to Mac system, you will probably also try to install “winrar” program first to try, maybe you succeed, maybe you don’t just like myself :( (related: winrar corrupted files fix)

It happened to me too, since I could not even know how to install winrar and use it on the mac.

I will probably will edit this post once I know how to use winrar on my Mac.

How to open .rar file on your Mac

I have tried a few softwares, including winrar, and then “7zx”, but I find the best software is unrarx.

After you download with the link above, you system will automatically open it from its zip files, and extract it in “Download” folder.

That’s it, you don’t need to drag the unrarx into your application folder or anything, it’s instantly ready to open any of your rar files.

Here is a screenshot of unrarx opening my rar file.

open rar mac

Fast opening a rar file

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