How To “Rank Higher On Alexa”

How important an Alexa toolbar to get your wordpress blog or website rank higher on Alexa.

Two days ago, July 8th, 2010, my Alexa rank reachs under 100.000, which is now reaching 96.938.

I am quite happy but most of us know that Alexa ranking is not too accurate. But it is still very important in webmaster world. People can’t ignore it.

Alexa ranks can be very useful, let’s mention, if you want to advertise or sell your sites, buyers will still take a look how your blog’s ranks on Alexa.

There are some tips out there too to rank higher on Alexa, however i just give you tips that i really have done, and it works with this blog.

1. Claim your site in Alexa website. Once you have your site registered on Alexa, then you already done the first step.

Claim your site button.

2. Increase your visitors.
Alexa somehow ranks your site higher if your have more visitors with alexa toolbar installed in their browser, so more visitors with alexa toolbar installed equal to more higher alexa ranking.

With this blog, i notice the more content i posted, the more visitors i get. So do not forget to update your blog with your new posts.

More visitors=faster to get high rank on Alexa.

3.Embed Alexa widget to your blog. This can be easily done, by copy the code from alexa and paste it somewhere in your blog. The easiest is pasting it in text widget and drag it to your sidebar.

Alexa widget in my footer.

4. Write review of high ranking websites in Alexa sites. Sounds odd, but i have done it and my rank get higher everyday.

Reviews button in Alexa's site.

5. Install Alexa toolbar, and install firefox addon, called, ReloadEvery addon.
This might sound funny, trust me, i didn’t believe it but it works. There was one day my Alexa rank widgets stays the same after a few day. To be honest, i don’t really care with Alexa ranks, but, i was also curious or wanted to know why it suddenly stopped decreasing the number. So i have searched everywhere, and i install ReloadEvery addon. This addon is basically reloading your wordpress blog pages in a period of time, and this can make your alexa number decreased.

Just make sure open many of pages of your blog, and right click somewhere on the page, click reload, every 1 second, 5, or even 10 seconds. You will see the next morning alexa numbers on your widget will get decreased.

What Alexa toolbar looks like.

Now, people say writing an article about Alexa will help too, not sure about it because i have never tried. Share your opinions! ;)

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