How to Rename Twenty Eleven Home Tab

Twenty Eleven Home Tab

Someone actually asked via email, how to change the wording or text and label of Twenty Eleven Home button in the navigation of wordpress latest version when this post is written, which is WP version 3.2.1.

I did think about making a new video tutorial or screencast, however I decided on not creating one, since I have posted the tutorial in my old post, which is titled, editing home label in Twenty Ten theme.

Yes, in that post, I used Twenty Ten theme, which is actually the default theme of the previous version of wordpress, but also still included in the current version.

But actually that method is the solution if you want to change or rename Twenty Eleven home button tab.

This is because we will use the custom menu, which is quite independent in terms of themes you are using.
Both Twenty Ten or Twenty Eleven, that video and step by step wordpress guide will still help. (related: Google +1 button in Twentyten)

Twenty Eleven Home Button – WordPress CMS

As mentioned in my older entry, about worpress CMS, the flexibilities and abilities to build your website, be it wordpress as static site, non-blog looks sites, and other purposes sites, you can modify your theme as your wish.

One of those many modifications is of course, to modify a bit your buttons label in the navigation bar. (related: categorywordpress navigation).

If you are into setting up static sites more than blogging sites, you might be interested in this post; WordPress change home page (setting up a welcoming page).

This post does seem to be “changing” your Home tab label, however it is not.

twenty eleven home

Twenty Eleven Home

It is about showing you how create a page where it will not look like a blog, which has updated posts in the index page, but a nice welcoming message to your visitors or in other words, as a landing page. (it is the page where your visitors see right when they type your web address).

Follow the full steps here.

Twenty Eleven Home Button is one of WP default theme modifications

Once you are done with renaming the wording of your Twenty Eleven Home buttons, you perhaps want to see my other 2011 theme tutorials, which I have created or posted previously.

If you are new here, you can easily browse my WP tips and tutorials in my sitemap page. (related: importance of sitemap page).

That sitemap page is a very important part of this blog, because as you can see, this blogs contains many post categories, not only about wordpress.

Believe me, as a blog owner, I hate searching my wordpress posts too, because it is somehow not organized and a bit difficult to find something.

But, I shouldn’t complain ;)

Furthermore, if you want to receive wordpress updates, you can subscribe my email newsletter in the box in my right sidebar or below this post, to be noticed whenever I have a new wordpress tips and tutorials.

So here are my old entries about TwentyEleven theme:

1. Creating TwentyEleven child theme

2. Removing search box from TwentyEleven

3. Showing TwentyEleven thumbnails

4. Show TwentyEleven sidebars in post, and pages.

5. TwentyEleven logo tutorial.

I hope this renaming Twenty Eleven Home button label will not be my last TwentyEleven tutorials, so cheerio, catch you soon :)

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