How to Repeat a Song on iPhone

Whenever you want to play a song on iPhone, you will be able to do it easily.

However to repeat a song on iPhone to play over and over, or looped, it is a bit tricky.

There is no clear button that you can tap unless you tap on a right place, very tricky, and might confuse some people, especially those who are new to iPhone.

I am not sure with iPhone 4 this tip works on iPhone 3G..

This is how you can repeat a song on iPhone

1. On iPod of iPhone, look for your playlist, and tap the black background button which says, “Now Playing”.

repeat a song on iphone
red highlighted "Now Playing"

2. After that black button is tapped, you will see an album cover or art of the song which is played.

3. Tap somewhere on the top of the screen (in the screenshot, the blue highlighted).

repeat song on iphone
Tap on blue highlighted area

4. It will then show the playhead, there, you can tap the “circle” to repeat a song on iPhone (yellow highlighted).

set a song to repeat
"Circle" yellow highlighted

If it’s blue colored, then the whole songs on your playlist will be repeated.

If it’s blue colored and have a number “1” on the circle, means this specific will be repeated and others won’t.

iphone repeat song
Blue circle with number 1

In the bottom right you will see a “shuffle” icon or botton too.

That is how we can repeat a song on iPhone.

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