How to Save iPhone Battery Life

Having a smartphone is fun, because not only you can connect with your friends or family all the time, you can use it like a small “laptop”,

Taking pictures or videos, and share them with your family, or just surf websites online, the list of how fun your smartphone can be will go on and on.

However, the biggest issue of having a smartphones is the battery life.

Imagine if you’re somewhere away from home, and doing things you love, and suddenly, your battery indicator turns to red, definitely not fun.

The latest iOS release was claimed to have a lot of improvements in terms of its apps, and overall operating system performance.

If you at times have issue on your iPhone battery life, you can try to do these tips.

Tips to save iPhone Battery Life

1. Completely exit from applications that you don’t use

Being a FB user, I often leave my Facebook app open even though at that moment, I don’t need to use it.

Closing it completely will hep to preserve iPhone battery life.

iphone battery life

iPhone Battery Life

2. Disable the iCloud feature

For some people who use this feature, this might be not a good idea to disable it, but if you are like me, who don’t use iCloud, just disable this feature.

3. Set your “notifications” manually.

It’s very nice and helpful to have some notifications active on some apps, however, you don’t need each app to give you notifications.

You can disable some specific notifications, by going to your “Settings” then “Notifications” and choose the apps you really think their notifications are important.

4. Disable 3G ability if necessary

If you’re at home or wherever on a wifi spot, disabling the 3G network is a great help to make your battery lives longer.

5. Disable Wifi if you don’t need to go online

You can’t be online all day in a single second. When you don’t need to be online, disable these networks, because these networks will drain your battery very fast.

6. Turn off Bluetooth feature
I know there are a lot of users who use bluetooth a lot, but in case, you don’t, you can turn it off in setting option.

There are tips that I have usually done with my iPhone, and it has always worked. Share your tips to add these 6 tips to save iPhone battery life.

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