How to sell ebook in a wordpress blog?

How to sell ebook – Making money ideas

When you are in your blogging journey for a quite a while, you will probably will look for ways to monetize your blog.

It can be from AdSense, affiliates or other stuff that you can put their ads on your post or pages of your sites.

Other than that is to create your own product and then sell them online.

I have personally tried this, but due to the fact that I had to pay taxes for selling things online in the country where I am living now, I canceled selling stuff via this blog.

Although the result of selling an ebook about wordpress pdf guide was not bad.

Yes, it was not real much money, but it was a nice feeling whenever I got email notification from paypal that there was a sale or two from my ebooks.

How to sell ebook – Knowing what to sell

Basically, it is very easy to create an ebook and sell it to people.

The very important is, what are you good at? by knowing this, you can then create your own product or services to offer it to people who might need it.

If you are good at creating logos, for example, then you can offer your logo designs to others.

Or if you have a helpful stuff that you can deliver to your readers by pdf files, you can then creating ebooks and sell them.

Before we think about how to sell ebook in our blogs, it is very important you know what you are selling.

The issues that might overcome when you sell stuff you don’t really know is, you won’t be able to offer the support once a customer purchased your product, this will somwhow destroys the trust the customers have.

How to sell ebook in a wordpress blog

In my old post, that I gave a title, “upload a pdf to wordpress” is actually a way to distribute a pdf file but unfortunately that’s not a way to sell things.

With that method, you can distribute them to be downloaded by anyone who might need these pdfs files.

how to sell ebook

e-junkie home page

As far as I know, the easiest and fastest way about how to sell ebook is using Clickbank or e-Junkie. (I am not affiliated to ejunkie)

Based on my personal experiences, I have tried e-Junkie and it is very simple to use.

Basically, you just registered yourself, and pay about $5 per month and you can sell your products.

(if you have more than 5(not sure about this amount) you need to pay more that $5).

And then after registering yourself, you can upload your book, and receive the payment via paypal.

I have not tried Clickbank, but I have heard Clickbank is also good.

I did prefer because to me, I like the interface and it is very simple to use, user friendly.

Also, the other reason is I like the simple method, people buy, money will be instantly in your paypal, easier payment gateaway, even non-techie person can sell things.

How to sell ebook in your blog? check out ejunkie.

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