How To Shrink A Ms Word Document

Find out how to shrink the file size of a word document for example in microsoft (ms) word 2007. One alternative is to shrink and compress or reduce images in your ms word document.

If your images in .png formats, this following method won’t work.

1. Find out where you save the document and check the file size.
2. Open your document, shrink the image by right clicking it, click “format picture” option.

3.You should be in “picture tab” window,you should find “compress” button in left corner. Click this button.
4. Next step is choose “all pictures in the document” option, and click “apply” and “ok”.
5. Don’t forget to click “save” button.
6. Check the file document’s size again, when you do it all correctly, your document size will be shrinked and smaller.

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