How To “Sync Blackberry With Outlook”

Quick video tips how to transfer or synchronize blackberry with microsoft outlook caledar and address book using desktop manager.

First of all you have to be finished with installing “Blackberry Desktop Software”. If you have not done it, do install it first and when it ask how to integrate the email,  pick “Blackberry Internet Service”

1. Next step is connect your blackberry to your computer, open Blackberry Desktop Software.

2. Navigate to the top bar menus, choose “Options” and then “Connection Settings”

3. Choose the USB you use to connect your blackberry desktop software to your computer, and click “Detect”. You need to be patient since your pc might take a while to recognize your dekstop software. Hit the “Ok” button. This will close the connections dialog box.

4. Next, is look for “Synchronize” option and double click to open the Sync dialog box. Make sure that “Synchronize Organizer Data” option is checked, and then Check “Automatic Synchronization” under it.

5. Choose “Configuration” button tab in the top right, and hit “configure synchronization” button.

6. The lists of application that can be synched should be displayed, choose whatever you wish to synch.

7. Once you are finished, click “synchronization” tab in the left side of “Configuration” tab again, and click “Synchronize Now”

8. Select “Accept” button when the dialog box show the button. Wait until it is done, and click “close” button to exit the application.

9. You should have all datas that you transferred or synched.


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