How To Upload WordPress Theme

How to upload and then install a downloaded wordpress theme (in .zip format) to your wordpress 3 blog without cpanel and without ftp.

I find this is very the easieast way to upload your wordpress theme file, because we do not need to login to your cPanel and install it from there.

The second advantage is you don’t need to know ftp accounts because we won’t use any FTP softwares. But of course you can upload your theme via FTP too.

In this wordpress 3 tutorial, we will learn how to upload theme in zip file directly in wordpress dashboard.

1. Prepare your theme file which you have downloaded. It has to be in .zip format. In this video, i have the zip theme file on my desktop.

2. Login to your dashboard: yoursitename/wp-admin.

3. Select “Appearance” then “Themes”.

Appearance and Themes buttons.

4. Click “Install Theme” tab in the top right of your screen.

"Install Themes" tab.

5. You will then see search, upload, feature, newest, and recently updated links. Choose “Upload”.

Upload link.

6. It will show, that you can install a theme by browsing a .zip formatĀ  theme. Click “Browse” and choose your saved theme, then click “Install Now”.

Browse and Install Now.

7. It will say: “Theme successfully installed”, now you can preview it, or activate it, selecting “preview” or “activate”.

You can preview or activate your Theme.

8. Once your activate your theme, you blog will have the new look because we have successfully uploaded and installed the new theme.

Have fun with the new theme! :)

Video tutorial:

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