How to use Firebug in WordPress?

What is Firebug before we learn how to use Firebug

Firebug is actually an addon that you can use with Firefox browser to modify some web coding language, such as CSS, HTML, detecting image path, website elements, and so much more.

I have uploaded some wordpress videos in YouTube, and some of YouTube visitors asked, what kind of the addon I was using in my “wordpress set featured image” video.

I was kind of surprised but then I realize, not everyone knows about this web development addon, or even knowing how to use Firebug.

I can understand it, because when I started blogging or learning wordpress, I did not even know if we can use some tools to inspect a page element of our web pages.

Then, I realize many web developers use this great addon, and I have tried it, they are really right, Firebug is very useful addon, if you like to modify your theme layout, for instance, edit css files in your wordpress blog.

Do you need to know how to use Firebug?

It is actually a personal preference, if you have a blog and premium themes, or you have budget to hire freelancers or coders, then it simply means, you let them doing the job.

In this point, you do not have to know how to use Firebug Firefox addon. But if you really want to learn a bit of the files code, then learning how to use it is a big benefit.

Once you learn a little bit, it will help alot to upload or attach some pictures on your sidebars, and then stylize it as you wish.

Imagine, if you want to do this simple thing, you need to hire some freelancers, it would be more simple if you can add and edit the CSS file yourself.

How to use Firebug video examples

In some videos examples below, I have showed how to use Firebug addon in a wordpress blog, mostly to detect the ID, class or anything related to the theme’s structure and layout.

Best combination would be firebug and a text editor software, which I personally use notepad++.

how to use firebug

Example using Firebug to inspect an element.

Some video examples how I use this useful addon:

1. Adding borderlines between posts

2. WordPress set featured image

3. Add logo to twenty ten

4. Add about me in sidebar

5. Insert Breadcrumbs without plugin

I hope with those five video examples, will help to know a bit how to use Firebug.





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