How To Use Widgets In WordPress 3

Adding and Using Recents posts, recent comments, search, meta, and many more widgets that are mostly displayed in your wordpress blog’s sidebar.

WordPress has tons of flexibility, also enables us to choose what widgets we want to use in our sidebar. If your theme supports widgetized footer or header, you have more choices to display those widgets instead of sidebar.

If you are new to wordpress, here is how we can use widgets in twenty ten theme, apply to other theme as well.

1. To see what widgets are displayed in your blog, go to dashboard, appearance, and widgets.

Appearance tab and then Widgets.

2. There should be a list of widgets that has same position in the front end page.

Positions of the widgets and front end look.

3. Here, you can add or delete any widgets you like, or even changing the title of the widget.

  • To delete, just click the title of the widget bar arrow, it will open the pull down menu, click “delete” and the widget will be disappeared from your sidebar/footer. (in the image, i deleted meta widget).

Deleting a widget.

  • To add, just drag and drop the widget from the left side of your page to the sidebar.

Adding more widget by drag and drop.

  • To change or rename the title, type in the title you want to have.Do not forget to click “save”, otherwise, it won’t show up.

Rename or change the widget's title.

That’s all, incredible simple :) To have more widgets, you can install plugins that provide widgets, not all plugins can give you widgets, but some do. Also keep in mind, using too many plugins will only slow down your site. Have fun with your widgets!

Long video tutorial:

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