How To Use WordPress To Create A Website — WordPress Tutorial

How to use WordPress to create a website rather than a blog.

Because WordPress is free powerful blogging software, it is becoming very popular to use. From law firms, real eastate, and business companies, they mostly use wordpress to create a website.

Why you should use WordPress to create a website?

Using WordPress to create a website for your business is absolutely good idea, because of these many reasons:

1. If you use wordpress to create a website, WordPress offers so many free or premium paid plugins to enhance your wordpress website’s functionalities.

Your website will be easily ranked in Search Engine search result pages. See my other post how important being found in the first or second page of Google for your business.

2. WordPress is loved by Google, even Matt Cutts, Google staff is using WordPress for his blog.

It’s not about Google descriminates other blogging platform, it is simply because WordPress has many powerful features for Search Engines Optimizations, and the ability to deliver fresh contents regularly (Google loves fresh contents) is one of the reason why we should use wordpress to create a website.

3. WordPress has lots of plugins and themes developers, to suit everyone’s need.

It was probably difficult to have a wordpress based website that looks like a website and not a blog. But now, with the latest version 3.0.1, using custom menus, the difficult is the past.

You can convert easily your blog-looks to be a website by using free available themes or premium elegant looking themes, the most popular theme is of course, Thesis.

how to use wordpress to create a website

How to use WordPress to create a website Tutorials:

I have posted many video tutorials that must help you to create a website using WordPress. These video belows helping you how to create static pages in WordPress to have a website rather than a blog wordpress sites.

1. How to change your readings settings to have a website look from your wordpress site.

The tutorial was made with wordpress 2.9.2 default theme, kubrick. In this case, if you are using kubrick or other themes, you can follow this video tutorial first before following the two tutorials below.

2. If this can’t be done by changing readings settings, you should need to edit header.php code file to order your wordpress page with this video tutorial.

3. How to change your “home” page in WordPress 3.0.1 tutorial

By default, after you installed wordpress, the front page, where your visitors will land for the first time to your site, is the lists of your posts page.

With the latest version of wordpress (upgrade, if you haven’t done so!), you can easily customize your home page to be a specific page.

Demo website, after the website owner applied this post.

With my three video wordpress tutorials above, you should be successfuly abled to use wordpress to create a website.

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