How to Watch Google TV

Watch Google TV – Really cool feature of Google.

You can watch Google TV, it has been released.

It reminds me one day, when my monitor was broken, my husband connected my keyboard to my tv screen as well as the internet. It was strange because the tv screen was huge, but also fascinating.

My experience above, becomes a reality. Google improves alot of its power recently, including the arrival of Google TV, the very very convenient way to use your television to surf your favourite websites and enjoy watching your regular tv series or movies. Internet TV- watch Google TV, very interesting!

Google TV release date was on May 20, 2010.

In google blog, it is stated that Google are working together with Logitech, Intel, and Sony to develop this feature for us to watch Google TV.

What i love the most and very interested is that you can have paralel windows tab to browse, watch TV channels, or even chat with your friends, without closing the other windows.

Using Google Chrome will enable us search most web content on our television and applications.

What is the benefit to watch Google TV?

Well Google TV has facebook, twitter, amazon, NBA, CNBC etc. Android apps will be able to be accessed via Google TV in the very near feature.

Imagine, you tweet and log in to your facebook via Television, very handy.

I personally rare watching German TV but this one is really interesting.

Lastly, how do i watch Google TV?

Because Google TV is working with Logitech, you can get Logitech Revue set box and connect it with your Television (HDTV) using HDMI.

What to do while watching Google TV with Logitech?

You can control what you want to do with facebook, twitter, whatever you access with your TV with logitech keyboard Controller which comes with Logitech Revue set.

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If you use ipad, iPhone, androids, you can do this too.

Logitech Revue Companion Box with Google TV and Keyboard Controlleris available in amazon.
Watch Google TV while having Christmas Holiday!

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