HP 2511x 25-Inch LED Monitor – Black Review and Impression

HP 2511x 25-Inch LED Monitor Review

Since I purchased my first LED monitor, I thought I needed a bigger monitor. My older LED monitor was a 22 inch, and this HP 2511x is a 25 inch monitor. (got it at $129)

Main reason I moved to to this bigger monitor is because the prices on bigger computer monitors are coming down to cheaper prices.

In the beginning, I thought a 25″ monitor would be too big for me, but after several minutes working with it, I got used to the screen size.

I work at home everyday, since my Graphics designer career needs frequent after hours work, and I guess I am really lucky that I can do my job at home remotely.

I am not really serious gamer, but having a larger LED monitor is great since I often open multiple applications which I want to view side by side, got them tiled on my large screen can help me getting better views on each application windows.

HP 2511x 25-Inch LED Monitor – Black Setup and specs

The setup of this monitor was absolutely easy that I didn’t even need the CD guide which is included in the box. (This HP monitor comes with CD manuals, drivers, and also auto adjustment tools). My Windows 7 operated computer immediately installed the drivers that it needed and anything else which had to be done, and then easily configured my graphics setting automatically, so the final resolution was perfect.

There are some buttons on the monitors, which are very nicely placed. You can find the auto adjustment in the front of this device, button to set brightness, etc..also the on/off button is very nice located so that the users can conveniently turn the monitor off or on when the computer is on idle mode.

The power button is placed under the bezel’s bottom part, and if you don’t see it, it’s very easy to find, since when the power is on, it has a tiny aqua blue light (which can be turned off).

hp 2511x 25-inch led monitor
HP 2511x


Just curious, I went into the options where the configuration was, the monitor was on ‘Text’ mode in default settings, and I tweaked with other modes, such as ‘Pictures’, ‘Games’, and ‘Movie’.

I found the ‘Picture’ settings could generate more color, basically, you can easily set your monitor’s settings manually, to get the best picture quality on your eyes.

However for my work, which has lots of things to do with photos and software, I have set my setting to this configuration. I set the brightness to 100, contrast to 54, and 65000 K color temp. (also decent for gaming).

For people who has gamma on their video card, I found ATI 4850 setting on .90 was perfect.

This HP 2511x 25-Inch LED Monitor generates very beautiful color, picture and definitely phenomenal clarity. I took a lot of videos and photos and upload them to Picasa, they look really great on this HP 2511x 25-Inch LED Monitor.

I went to YouTube, and played HD videos, also from Netflix streaming videos, the videos are very clear and rivals to my Samsung HDTV.

This monitor includes some ports that feels nice and are so easy to find, it has HDMI, VGA and DVI, I have connected it to my home computer via VGA port recently and it works very well.

hp 2511x 25-inch led monitor

HP 2511x 25-Inch LED Monitor impression

Pros: 25″- big, thin, sturdy, nice colors, easy to use, no dead pixels, and price!

My only one con: the screen is a bit reflective

I am very happy with this HP 2511x 25-Inch LED Monitor, I don’t think I could find a better monitor for the cost with all of the features mentioned above.

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