HP g7-1150us Review – HP g7 Notebook PC (Grey)

HP g7-1150us Review – Overview

I am glad that I have this HP g7-1150us Notebook PC (Grey) laptop for a weeks now, and I can now safely say that this HP laptop g7 model is a great laptop.

The laptop’s price is also the important factor why I think this laptop is a steal. (got it at $429.99)

I have been this brand laptop user for quite long time, so, I guess I know how their products reliability is.

If their products were not reliable enough, I wouldn’t keep buying their products.

Now the HP g7-1150us specifications, beside its affordable price, it has the Intel Core i3 processor.

hp g7-1150us

HP g7-1150us

I had a few older HP computers with their AMD CPUs as they were a bit more reasonably priced.

And this notebook model has the same price with other Intel processor laptops.

This processor series attract me much as I knew that Intel has really reliable reputation for their processor products.

HP g7-1150us Specs and Features

The HP g7-1150us i3 processor has taken anything that I’ve thrown at it.

A very good example, I have more than one image editing programs opened together with the internet browser, Firefox 5 and a few tabs for website, iTunes playing, all at once, and it runs great without performance reduction issues.

The i3 CPU combined with 4GB RAM could handle all of those multitasking flawlessly.

Another spec, is the 4gig of RAM, is very nice at this price tag. The 640GB of Hard Drive is really a lot of storage, even if you are often saving your music files in your laptop, and taking or storing your pictures too.

The 17.3″ is very beautiful and clear – with 1600×900 resolution which makes viewing webpages is amazing, especially when you watch movies in 720p HD, and I haven’t had any viewing angles problems so far.

The HDMI port is really great, good picture along with good sound. I hooked this machine up with my LCD tv and it works well without hassle.

hp g7-1150us

HDMI ports along with other ports.

The DVD-RW Drive works really quiet, and works seameslly. The whole machine is basically very quiet. When I am burning a disc, I hear a little sound, but so far so good.

The sound quality of this HP g7-1150us laptop is amazing! it doesn’t muffle when you want to listen to music with higher volume, the sound is very clear and really nice to hear.

The built-in webcam is incredible. I was able to do video chats in Skype, and AIM in a very decent quality.

This laptop’s keyboard is a joy to type on. Using a full numpad is brilliant especially for anyone who plays game and if you are also a number crunch.

I really like how the keys are placed and spaced out nicely and also the keys give you a pleasing sound whenever you type.

With this HP g7-1150us laptop, you will have an option to turn the trackpad off. I found it very helpful if you have a wireless mouse like me.

The minor downside is the glossy screen, it is really hard to see when you are outdoor, but it is not a big problem, since I always use it inside a building.

hp 1150us

HP g7-1150us Review – In Summary

In my opinion, this laptop is an excellent deal for the price. It has great features that I was looking for, 4GB of RAM, brilliant speakers, great keyboard, and a very fast i3 processor.

For that price, it is a no brainer, , HP g7-1150us Notebook PC (Grey) a steal for my money.

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