HP G7-1272NR 17.3-Inch Laptop Review and Weakness

HP G7-1272NR 17.3-Inch Laptop Review

In short, HP G7-1272NR is an excellent balance of price (bought mine for $459), performance and features – the only issue that I have is the cooling fan is quite loud sometimes.

The 17 inch screen is vibrant, the full size keyboard including the numpad feels comfortable to type, and the touchpad area which has large off center part makes it even better for people who frequently use computer mouse with the right hand.

Below the touchpad, there are mouse buttons which were a little stiff in the beginning, but with frequent usage, they seem to get better and better.

Speed and machine’s performance is exactly what I expected from a laptop with Windows 7 operating system, this HP G7  loads very fast (under 15 seconds), really great to load your application windows.

hp g7-1272nr

HP G7 1272NR

Out of the box, this HP G7 laptop model is simple to set up, there was a smart guide to show you how the system’s initial set up, and unlike any other laptops, this does not include a lot of 3rd party software, so really save my time from having to get rid of those unwanted bloatware which only slow down the system.

HP G7-1272NR 17.3-Inch Laptop Specs – Weakness

The only one weakness I found with this HP G7-1272NR laptop is the cooling fan sound. If you don’t want to be bothered by a laptop’s fan, then this machine is not exactly the right choice for you.

The cooling fan’s sound is really noticeable if you are using it in a silent room, especially if you have it on the table or any hard surface thing, because at this point, the noise seemed to be reflecting back to you.

I have found the setting to disable the fan for being ‘always-on’ in the BIOS, but disabling it does not seem to help reducing the noise of the fan due to its speed or operation’s time.

To me the fan is loud, even when I compared it to my working computer which has high performance specs, but perhaps it is needed for the Intel Pentium B950 processor in this machine, however, that was my only disappointment otherwise this machine is a true solid laptop.

HP G7-1272NR Review – Summary

A summary of my good impression as I notice them from my usage are listed below;

1. Good form and ergonomics, 17 inch large and clear display, solid feel full size keyboard and the touchpad is very well located, nice to type on if you write a lot.
2. It has an amazing laptop’s sound system. With the “Altec Lansing” speakers, it gives you truly clear volume and sound and they are very well located, where many other laptops place their speakers on the top of the machine which can collect dirt.
3. Very solid and sturdy. The solid highes which can be found on the display, and it doesn’t flex very easily, also good quality of construction’s material.
4. Excellent overall performance, this laptop is fairly fast for my standard and heavy computing tasks, and would be further improved by replacing the 5400 RPM hard drive.
hp g7-1272nr
In summary, I would definitely recommend this machine, I bought mine for $459 before the price went up. You really can’t beat this price for this HP G7-1272NR 17,3-Inch Laptop.

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