HP g7-1310us Laptop

HP g7-1310us (17.3-inch screen) laptop is a 17.3 inch screen laptop which is powered by an i3 processor combined with a great range of specs and hardware, but sold at a good price.

The laptop is attractively built and has an amazing speakers quality, also an excellent touchpad.

Appearance wise, this machine has charcoal grey finish that doesn’t look cheap, it’s a stylish machine with fairly portable weight.

The keyboard keys and touchpad are very responsive and they work well. The keys are nicely designed and well placed, especially the “page up” and “down” keys.

The keyboard is also a full sized keyboard which also has a number keys in the right side.

HP g7-1310us (17.3-Inch Screen) Laptop Specs

Appearance aside, the specification of thisĀ HP Laptop helps the machine to be a worthwhile 17 inch range laptop.

It came with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit edition, combined with a 6 gigs of RAM, which is not usual in most laptops (most of them have 4 GB of RAM), and a new Sandy Bridge Intel core i3 2.3 GHz processor which handles daily computing tasks with ease.

Never let the fact that the “i3″ powered laptops have lower performance than the i5 or i7 intel core processors powered laptops mislead you. This machine has a hyperthreaded dual-core processor which gives the older quad-core CPU a nice run for your money.

I had the same 17” laptop in the past, and this machine is well worth it, and I am happy that I bought it because it was a great upgrade too.

HP g7-1310us
HP g7-1310us

This HP G7 model features 3 USB 2.0 ports. 1 HDMI to access your photos and videos on a TV, SD card slot, and the 640GB storage is reasonably more than enough space to save all of my files. With light usage, it has around 4-5 hours battery life.

The 17.3 inch BrightView LED-backlit display with 1600×900 screen resolution is clear, sharp and has a very good quality of graphics, which I really enjoy especially when I play a DVD. (it doesn’t play Blu-ray discs though, read here).

The built-in webcam works fine, the picture and video quality is fairly clear and vivid for a laptop’s camera.

For $500, you get an amazing performance right away out of the box, this HP g7-1310us (17.3-Inch screen) laptop has a manic level of performance for that price range.

Launching programs instantly, as well as the shutting down and boot-up process only take a few seconds. That’s a big plus, it’s really nice to have a laptop that its performance is not restricted by the open tabs of the running programs – surfing websites are fast and effortless.

HP g7-1310us (17.3-Inch Screen) Laptop

I’m definitely impressed with the preinstalled programs, such as the Magic Desktop because it can save and secure computing of your children use the laptop, and this feature has many preloaded games too.

HP g7-1310us (17.3-Inch Screen) Laptop and Games

I have tried to play Left 4 Dead on this laptop, and it worked on low settings without any lags, the on chip graphics combined with the i3 CPU is impressive. With higher setting, the game is still running ok, however it would start to lag a bit, but it’s not a gaming laptop, so most games are still playable.

I have never had a laptop with this amazing sound quality, the built-in speakers produce really impressive sound also in a full volume.

Sometimes, there are a little vibration which comes from the speakers if you crank the volume up to the maximum with a few audio tracks, but I already expected it. When I play some games, the laptop’s speakers can produce a picture about what is happening all around, even it can produce the sound that makes me feel like the game’s scene is behind me. I had to use a headphone set to game because my TV doesn’t have a good sound, but I enjoy playing games on my HP g7-1310us laptop. It has two speakers, so it’s quite amazing how the sound is accurate and clear enough to directionally projecting sounds.

HP g7-1310us (17.3-Inch Screen) Laptop


Having used the machine for several weeks, I find it’s an excellent laptop, very user friendly and runs with no issues so far. If you are after a laptop that has good specifications, performance, and price, all are met by this HP g7-1310us 17 inch laptop.

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