HP g7 Laptop AMD Dual Core 17″ Laptop

I have used HP g7 Laptop AMD Dual Core laptop for a couple weeks now and it is worked about my high requirements.

One main reason why I bought it is that it has an AMD graphic card instead of Intel’s HD. (got it $454)

I bought it immediately, because I needed a 17″ laptop urgently, after my Compaq Presario laptop which was a HP product broken.

And so I was a little doubtful to purchase another machine which is owned by the same Compaq laptop manufacturer. I also considered a Toshiba model which has a 3GH of RAM, and almost bought it.

Let’s start with the cons of this HP g7 Laptop AMD Dual Core laptop.

1. Although the whole laptop is very well built, solid, and has smooth cover texture, however, I don’t really like the trackpad. The very rough texture on its trackpad is a bit disappointing, I would not preferred to have this kind of trackpad but I guess they design it this way to make the trackpad more precise while navigating on your screen.

HP g7 Laptop AMD Dual Core A4-3300M 2.5GHz, 4GB, 500GB, 17.3" High Definition+ HP BrightView LED,Webcam, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Charcoal

5. The battery life is absolutely depending on how high you set the screen brightness setting, but it’s decent, about 4-5 hours. People would usually think it depends on how many opened programs you actually run, but for me, that factor has not really been a real factor, it’s the setting of screen brightness.

6. The laptop’s keyboard is amazingly great, the keys are solid, big enough to type, and it’s a full-size keyboard with the nice keys pads on the right side.

7. The 64-bit Windows 7 OS looks totally beautiful on this HP g7 model, with the 17″ big HD brightView LED backlit screen and AMD Radeon HD 6480G graphic card, the aero themes does compliment the machine as an excelllent product when you switch it on.

My personal recommendations with this HP g7 Laptop AMD Dual Core:

For standard and intermediate users with basic computing needs, you really won’t be disappointed with the speed and performance, if you use it for browse the internet, edit documents, playing music or DVDs, and basic games at the same time.

But if you love to play high-end games, editing videos, or 3D contents, download movies and playing them simultaneously, this machine will definitely still meet your requirements as it does to mine, but I wouldn’t recommend you to do that really everyday, regularly.

If you do, I recommend you to have a RAM upgrade, this laptop has already a decent amount of RAM (4GB) but this machine will just wearing down if you do heavy computing activities frequently. So upgrade your machine to 8GB. (will cost around 30-45 bucks).

Note with the RAM, this computer has 2 RAM slots so 4GB for each slot (an 8GB stick).

In my opinion, this machine is absolutely a fantastic 17″ laptop at under 500 currently. Well done to HP on maintaining the perfect balance on this model between great price and great quality.

HP g7 Laptop AMD Dual Core A4-3300M 2.5GHz, 4GB, 500GB, 17.3" High Definition+ HP BrightView LED,Webcam, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Charcoal

This HP g7 Laptop AMD Dual Core laptop is big, nice and fast, which is absolutely a great deal.

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