HP ProBook 4530s XU015UT Notebook

HP ProBook 4530s XU015UT made me a bit apprehensive before I finally decide getting it.

I bought it because my older laptop suddenly died one night with no warning message, but the machine was already 6 years old. (save $$ here)

This HP Probook was my downgrade in screen size, because my old laptop was actually a 17 inch laptop with widescreen display, and because of this, I was a little hesitant about getting it at first.

Thankfully, I can finally get used to the smaller screen size, eventhough I needed some time for it.

I bought it on Saturday two weeks ago, and the estimation of delivery said about a week, but I received in 3 days (working days).

HP ProBook 4530s XU015UT Portability

This HP ProBook 4530s XU015UT 15 inch laptop is lightweight, and it fits nicely in my laptop bag which has a standard laptop size.

HP ProBook 4530s XU015UT
HP ProBook 4530s XU015UT

The brushed aluminum finish looks very nice and sturdy, and it doesn’t take your fingerprints easily. Also, the underpart doesn’t get warm easily, and it performs very quiet.

The small issue with mine is the trackpad, it’s oddly located when you type, so the cursor move everywhere if it’s activated. You can activate or deactivate from Control Panel, I wish there was a quick button to do this, but there isn’t, as much as I notice.).

If you’re used to a laptop with the vent in the back side, this laptop has it on the left side, so you will get used to it as well.

ThisĀ HP ProBook 4530s XU015UT has many USB ports some on the right and on the right, with the power plug on the right side of the laptop, next to the DVD tray. The rest of the ports, such as ethernet, HDMI, bluetooth, and others are placed on the left side, and the headphone or mic are a bit to the front.

The audio quality is very decent for a laptop, producing a good volume without getting the max setting.

My favorite part of this HP ProBook 4530s XU015UT is the keyboard. It’s very well built, keys have very good size, have chiclet style, they are flat and very well placed, makes very convenient when you type.

If you come from an “older” keyboard which has deep keys button on your keyboard, you may feel a bit odd to use its keyboard, but I really like it.

Another big plus, it has USB 3.0 which can transfer files in an ultra speed. I transfer 9 gigs files to my external hard drive, and it took me about 3 minutes. You should buy a machine which has USB 3.0 at the meanwhile!

HP ProBook 4530s XU015UT


HP ProBook 4530s XU015UT

HP ProBook 4530s XU015UT For Multitasking

I mainly use my laptops for browsing, chatting and gaming, so I usually have this laptop on at the day time, and running a lot of tabs on my browser, Skype, Msn messenger, as well as listening music in the background.

I don’t really use it for intensive gaming, but I can tell this laptop handles those programs very well. The webcam is an HD webcam, and it gives a quite decent quality of image or video. The 15.6 inch LED screen is also an anti glare screen which is one of the reasons why I bought it.

I have also never had any problems with the wifi or dropped connection with my network, so at this point, I am satisfied.

This HP ProBook 4530s XU015UT is a great laptop for daily computer use, and it runs everything I need it to do, for the price, it’s definitely an excellent machine.

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