Iframe Traffic — What is Iframe Traffic For?

Iframe Traffic — what is iframe traffic?

I have been reading alot about people selling iframe traffics in a famous webmaster forum lately. Because i am considering myself as newbie to webmaster stuff, i did not know what it is.

Iframe traffic is a traffic to your website (we use your website as an example) because your website or blog’s page is embedded in one website that hold this iframe code.

Usually the website that has your site’s page in iframe form, has high traffics or they are companies that run iframe traffic buying and selling business.

This traffic method is often called “junk traffic”, and the clicks which are generated often called, “click fraud”.

What is iframe traffic code?

Iframe traffics can be done with javascripts or html codes.

The html code will look like this, more and less:

<iframe src="http://domain.com.page.html" width=1 height=1 style="visibility:hidden;">

Example of iframe traffic:

iframe traffic
The example of iframe, when i visit a website, a window of another website's page (frame) comes up.

What is iframe traffic used for?

People out there can be really crazy LOL. I mean if someone wants to sell a website or blog, they can use this method a few months before they sell it.

They do it because they want to show the potential buyer how many traffic this website has. So be careful if you want to buy a website, check the traffic source, etc.

Another reason, many people use iframe traffic to boost Alexa ranking, which we all know Alexa rank is important if you want to sell advertisement space in your site.

The downside, using this kind of method is considered “blackhat” SEO, (i am not sure if it is allowed by Google adsense, but i guess it is against their TOS). It is important to remember, iframe can have an iframe malware. Because of these reasons, i certainly do not recommend iframe traffic method to anyone.

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  1. says

    Use lots of meta keyword tags. Use it WITH Commas. Make sure you don’t repeat the same word more than 3 times in a row. Google only indexes the first 101K of the document – so don’t use TOO many. N

    Make sure you include at least one link to Google. They need quality traffic as well. Don’t be greedy and hog it all to yourself. This can do wonders for your pages. Remember – Google may be going public soon – so the more traffic you send them the better. NUMBER 3

    Use invisible text but make it close – colors like 00FF33 & 00FF66 are both browser safe, but are so close most humans can’t tell the difference. Even though Google has over 50 Phds on staff – none of them probably know this – so use it – the bottom of the page is a good place – right above what you will learn in number 4. Use your mouse to highlight what is written in the box below to see what I mean.


  2. says

    Hi Kimi, Thanks for the post,

    I didn’t know people can generate traffic using iframe like that, I knew what an iframe was but it was used along time ago before website and coding evolved the way it is now.

    people used to use iframe to add features to their site by opening a window to another site through iframe that has those features.

    But iframe became unpopular fast, I don’t think I would use iframe to generate traffic, its dangerous and might be against a lot of TOS by many companies.

    Thanks for your post Kimi. :)

    • says

      Honestly i did not know about this iframe stuff Sayed, LOL. BUt yes, it is against some companies TOS.

      Thank you for commenting :)

  3. says

    I contacted Adsense menbers on this issue and they advised me that its strictly against iframe traffic.
    One more thing to note would be that this kind of traffic gives you impressions and not actual visits, so your full site page rarely loads in their browsers they are just passing impressions.
    It would be useful for alexa only if the surfers had the alexa toolbar installed.Otherwise useless.
    Organic is the best kind of traffic for sales and brand building.
    Ad space advertisers have third party tracking systems and know iframe traffic from organic, since they are spending they naturally tend to be smarter than bloggers :)

  4. Yuriy says

    Iframe traffic simulates the shows, but not clicks, and usually it’s just no sense, showing only affects the counter and I do not understand why Google against him, but it’s just not fair method of wrapping the counter but not more than

  5. mohamed says

    Hi kimi, can i sell i frame traffic? is it legal business can i do it? I tried searching about his online. If people purchase iframe traffic from me whats going to be a problem for Google if client does not have adsense account? i am getting my hits for 3 websites of mine from one site i did not have any problem how people can say this is scam?