Import Blogger To WordPress

How to move from blogger to wordpress by importing posts without plugins.

This can be done if you import your posts from blogspot blog to wordpress. This is so cool about wordpress as it enables us to import posts from other blogging platforms.

Blogging with blogspot is not too much different with wordpress, about how to post, edit, and publish them, as well as the widgets.

However I personally would prefer blogging with my own domain and webhosting, considering, this would be my own blog and i can blog anything i want. Bottom of line, none can suspend my blog.

Especially nowadays, domain and webhosting aren’t too expensive. I use this webhost provider, only about 4$ a month and one free domain name for a life time, you will one hundred percent be able to build your wordpress blog as you like.

The link is an affiliate actually, so if you sign up with my quick link, i would get comission. But do really think and read the agreement carefully before you sign up.

There are many thing to think before starting a blog, you might want to read my other article here. And yes, i wrote article too besides making screencasts. Curious? feel free to check my web6

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