Import Bookmarks Toolbar Firefox 4 to Firefox

Import Bookmarks Toolbar Firefox 4 to another Firefox

Import bookmarks toolbar Firefox process is a little bit tricky for me, because when I import my .html backup, it did not automatically import the toolbars from the source Firefox.

I did not have any idea why, I thought I was not used to the new version of FF, so I needed a little while to figure it out. I also happened to restart, and reopen my FF browser many times before I knew how to import bookmarks toolbar Firefox 4.

Infact, when we know the trick how to import bookmarks toolbar Firefox, we will definitely think, “Aaah, that’s so easy!”.

Actually, this import bookmarks toolbar Firefox post comes from my other post, which is, export html backup Firefox 4 entry.

When I wanted to use my other fresh installed FF after I imported my backup file from the other FF browser, unfortunately, I didn’t see the old toolbars backup that I have in my other computer.

Why the import bookmarks toolbar Firefox process is a bit tricky

When I was finnished with installing FF with my notebook, I already put three websites on my toobar, so I was not really sure, whether that was the cause why my old backup toolbars was not directly imported to the new toolbars when I did import the bookmarks toolbar Firefox 4.

So when I opened my browser, and did restart it again, I did not see nor find the toolbars that I tried to copy from the old FF browser.

As soon as I checked again in a bit more details, I found that my older backup was stored in a folder called “Bookmarks Toolbar” in the Library window of FF.

How to import bookmarks toolbar Firefox 4 to your new installed Firefox browser

I guess there are some other ways to import bookmarks toolbar Firefox but I have only tried these steps, and I did successfully import bookmarks toolbar Firefox 4.


1. I assume you have the backup from the old FF browser, or other Firefox version in .html file. By default it is named, “bookmarks.html”. (more clear on this, see, export bookmarks Firefox 4 post).

2. On your new Firefox, click the Firefox orange button if you don’t have the menu bar displayed, or if it is displayed, you can choose, “Show All Bookmarks” tab to open “Library” window.

3. Once you are in the “Library” window, search for your toolbars which are stored in the “Bookmarks Toolbar” folder. See this following screenshot of my Library window.

import bookmarks toolbar firefox

The Bookmarks Toolbar folder and Bookmarks toolbar option above it.


4. Inside this folder, you will find the list of websites that you have bookmarked in your other FF browser.

5. Now, you can drag and drop them in other “Bookmarks Toolbar” above (see the screenshot in the step 3 above.

Apart of using drag and drop, you can also select all of them, copying it by pressing Ctrl + C and paste them in the “Bookmarks Toolbar” above using Ctrl + V keyboard shortcuts.

Restart the browser, and we did successfully import bookmarks toolbar Firefox 4.

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