Importance of Pinging for Your Blog’s SEO

Importance of pinging for new blogger

Importance of pinging is often ignored or unknown if you are starting to build a blog or a website, you should not forget the importance of pinging or ping your blog updates.

Some people will even ping their backlinks that they have just made, because they expect that Google bots index those backlinks too.

I have personally never done this “backlink” pinging, but some people would do.

By knowing and doing blog ping is like you want Search engines like Google, Yahoo and others to receive your site’s updates or changes. This will give benefit, because those new posts can be indexed really fast. (related: how long Google indexing takes).

If you are having a static HTML site, or other sites which are not build by wordpress, you will have to find pinging sites and enter your website’s informations and basic datas, such as your website’s address, and the site or page or even post’s title then you should find a button to start pinging.

To ping your site pages, you can go to ping sites, I only know two of them, and those are very popular. Those sites are, and

The downside of having HTML websites is, you will need to do that for every pages in your sites. It can take a while to finish if you have quite a lot of amount of web pages.

It does not cost you anything, but your time, imagine you have a website with 20 HTML pages or more, you will need to have time to ping all of those pages.

Surely, you don’t have to do that all at once, but if you create a new page, you will have one more page to ping, one reason why people should use wordpress if they want to create a lot of pages in their website.

Importance of pinging for wordpress users

From the hassles above, everytime we create a new HTML page in our sites, we should go to those ping sites, you would not have to do that again if you are a wordpress user.

In my post, how to ping your blog, and using ping optimizer is very very very important thing to do right after you install a wordpress blog.

importance of pinging

By installing a ping optimizer plugin (I use cbnet ping optimizer, other people use maxblogpress plugin for the same function), your wordpress blog will control how many times the changes or editings should be pinged to ping server.

So using wordpress is very helpful, because pinging can be done inside your admin area, and this feature is provided by default, you will not need to go to ping sites everytime you have a new article published in your blog.

Importance of pinging – one thing to note

Apart of installing “ping” optimizer plugin in your wordpress blog, you should also need to pay attention that if you have a really new blog, let’s say a few weeks, you should build links naturally, and not too much.

Too much links to your new site can make Google “suspicious”. (related: banned by google?, request consideration webmaster tools).

My recommendation, install ping optimizer in your new blog, as it is also one factor in the importance of pinging in blog SEO.

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  1. charles says


    Can’t seem to find the exact details any place, whether you put your main home page in the pingomatic box, or the little freshly created blog URL with the number on the end when you’re ready to ping it to be listed. The pingomatic box says home page of your blog, which leads me to think my static page, which is my main domain that the blog archives exist on.

    I was thinking maybe the spiders hit the home page first, and reevaluate it’s position possibly from age among newer sites constantly being pinged, and indexed, then worm its way around to other pages on the domain, before it finally gets to the blog post that’s actually been updated.

    I haven’t found anybody yet that’s elaborates on how, or if the spiders go through the entire domain, or just the url of the updated blog post that you either do, or don’t list in the pingomatic box.

  2. says

    Actually, I have disabled ping service in my wordpress because it always send in span comments in my admin section. In my experience however, pinging does not necessarily hasten your pages to get indexed. I have some posts on my website which took only 2 days and it is already indexed, and it is even in the first page of the SERP. The more important thing is you should create articles that do not have too much competition.

  3. says

    HI good points…I use WordPress XML site map plugin that re builds my site map each time I make a new post or page..and then it pings on auto to ping site…I use my own list of pinging site about 20 in post and pages are indexed by Google within 3 to 4 hours some time faster