Incompatible Archive- Plugin Install Failed WordPress

What to do if you have this failed plugin installation message while you are updating your plugin.

One of many steps to keep your WordPress blog’s secure, is to always update all of your plugins.

Strongly recommended that you do database backup first before doing it.

Whenever i logged in to my dashboard, i always check if there is a notification for plugin update, if there is one, i immediately look which plugin i should update.

I do that before doing anything else, like create a new post or replying comments i receive.

Usually you won’t have any problems to do updates. Just click on update link, and it will be soon updated.

The update process will take about a few seconds.

But a few days ago, i wanted to update my plugin, which is contact form plugin and when i clicked update button, i got an error message.

It just said, Plugin Install failed. (see image i took).

Failed updating one of my plugin.

I was like, huh, what did i do. It has never happened to me before, and i was a little confused.

However, i did not google this problem, it was fixed by doing this following simple steps.

1. Go to Appearance → Plugins.

2. Check which plugin was failed updating. It has definitely grey background, because it is also deactivated automatically.

3. Click “activate” and then after it is activated, click “update” again.

Mine was fixed that way, have you guys encountered this problem?

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