Increase organic traffic top blog tips

Increase organic traffic, what does organic traffic mean?.

For beginner bloggers like myself, describing Organic traffic before knowing how to increase organic traffic, is simple.

Organic traffic is website or blog’s traffic that you can possibly get from Google, or other Search engines, like Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and many more..

When you are checking your wordpress blog stats in google analytic accounts (see where to paste google analytic code in wordpress post) you should see some separated explanations about your traffic source.

Example, 65% traffic source is from Google, direct traffic or referral websites (usually from social media websites or other blogs).

From those stats, the natural free traffics that you get from search engines, they are called organic traffic.

By understanding what does organic traffic mean, you can then figure out how you can increase organic traffic for your blog.

Increase organic traffic, why do you need organic traffic?

When i started this blog almost one year ago, the first months i received about 50 visitors a day, they are organic traffics but i did not know how to increase organic traffic.

At that time, i only get under 1$ a day with AdSense..not so interesting story to tell really.

After that, i was wondering how to increase organic traffic and my earning with my blog? simple answer is to increase organic traffic.

So these are the reasons that i can think why we need to increase organic traffic.

1. If you are selling, or promoting your products through your blog, you will need organic traffic because they are potential customers.

They are potential because they find your blog with specific keyword they type in Google search box.

2. Saving your money for something else, instead of paying advertisement of your blog in some places.

Organic means free, you do not spend any dollars for getting traffic to your website, if you have this traffic, save your money or spend on anything you might need to buy.

3. Organic traffic visitors are ready to spend money.

This i reckon from this blog. Visitors which are coming from the blogs i have commented on, they won’t buy some stuff that i sell, because they do know the trick, or they do sell the same stuff.

So most people who can earn me money is my organic visitors in the first list, and subscribers.

4. If you have adsense in your blog, organic traffics give you more conversion, especially US traffic or English speaking countries visitors.

For that four reasons if you want to earn more with your products or services, you really have to pay attention on how to increase organic traffic of your blog.

increase organic traffic

This blog's traffic stats, i am quite happy about it, since i am the only author of this blog.

How to increase organic traffic tips.

1. Check out my lists what to do to increase your blog traffic.

2. Use this best seo wordpress plugin to decrease or increase your keyword density. This plugin really helps to get my blog in the first page of Google.

3. Check your theme, i am using this best SEO optimised wordpress theme that help search engines bots indexed your keywords and content easily.

I have done three steps above to increase organic traffic and get 1200+ visitors daily, with just one author (myself) and this blog is not even one year old.

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