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Infolinks earnings is very low

I have been blogging with this wordpress blog about a year ago, and I have tried numerous methods to monetize my blogs.

Some of those methods worked fantastic, some of those just don’t. I don’t regret trying many methods, including AdSense, affiliate, PPC or CPA.

Some of these trying effors indeed gave me a good result of testing periods. I now know which method exactly works well with each one of those methods.

I am going to share my experience with you in the next posts, however I am going to share how low my Infolinks earnings with this blog.

I guess this is the case where it does not happen only to me, but to another bloggers as well, they do say, infolinks earnings is not worth it.

Doing some studies here and there, I notice most of blogs which have Infolinks in their websites are mostly bloggers which live in Asia.

Being Asian myself who lives in Europe, I very much understand why Infolinks earningss is still worth if you stay in Asia. If you stay in the U.S or Europe, it is not worth it.

Infolinks earnings is low, but pretty useful if you stay in Asian countries

When I still lived in Asia, I actually had a furniture business with my husband, we had some employers, and it was about 5 years ago.

We paid about $1/employee A DAY at that time, and you can imagine how a $1 from infolinks earnings worth for them or Asian bloggers.

And yes, I have worked in Europe too before I was pregnant with my second child, here I earn about 8 Euro per hour. You can count the big difference yourself I guess.

So in my opinion, infolinks earnings is still fine when you live out of US or Europe. But like me, who lives in Europe, I could earn about $50/2 months with Infolinks only with this blog, and I thought I removed my ads.

I did decide removing my infolinks ads since it is quite annoying with bubbles advertisements and after testing many methods, I already found some ways to make money better than Infolinks.

infolinks earnings

Infolinks Earnings and Review

I did remove my Infolinks ads from this blog, but I still use it on my other blogs.

What really nice is, you can immediately use their ads right after registration process, since it is very easy, and the decision whether you are accepted or rejected is very fast and easy too.

In fact, I guess almost everyone can use this network. This is why the earnings is too low, because nearly everybody can register and be accepted.

They don’t care either about your blog’s content. I have noticed some warez websites or “illegal” websites are using infolinks, because they can’t use AdSense.

infolinks earnings

When I still used their ads in this blog, I have checked my blog’s niche (wordpress) earn lower than the, which niche is around technology. There I could have $2/day, which is still very low, but better than this blog.

So far, to end this Infolinks earnings review, I must say, Google AdSense is the best method to monetize your blog besides affiliate marketings.

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