Install WordPress 3.2 Video Tutorial

Install WordPress 3.2 – Another new version of WordPress

Install wordpress 3.2 guide is absolutely not different with another version’s installation. The steps will be exactly the same, but the difference would be the different features of WordPress 3.2 which has difference layout of dashboard, and estimated to be much faster than the older versions.

Although there are hundreds of bloggers who have some problems after the new versions of wp are released after a few months, but this is why wp is really loved since its developer want to give their best to always make wp an up-to-date softwares.

Updating WordPress has always pros and cons, since some people do not want or ignore the wordpress upgrade.

I remember I had some clients which did not even care to upgrade their blogs, but always care to add contents.

What is the use of adding contents which someday will end their blogs being hacked?

With the newer version of wp, our blogs security can be improved, since the updated files will close all security holes in the previous software files.

Install WordPress 3.2 – What’s cool in this new WP?

Before we install wordpress 3.2, I have to write, that I have posted some previous posts about this newer WP. About a few days back, I have posted wordpress 3.2 new requirements, a video preview of Twenty Eleven wordpress theme post, wordpress 3.2 release date, as well as wordpress 3.2 new features screenshots.

Now with its new default wordpress theme, users can customize their template more easy with its extra theme options, and it simply means, wp gives more flexibilities.

I think that’s really cool because I know, that big part of wp users are non-savvy, or business people, and surely, they use wordpress to create their website is because they have heard people say wp is very easy software, because you don’t need to know much about HTML, PHP or CSS and other other coding thing.

In some points that is true, but in some points, we do need to know those programming languages, if we want to modify some things in our blog templates.

Of course, you can get a premium theme like StudioPress or Thesis theme, but they are frameworks, even if you buy them, you need to customize them a bit to get your blog appearance a bit difference than the others.

But luckily, even the default theme now has easy options to change color appearance at least.

Install WordPress 3.2 Video Tutorial

Install wordpress 3.2 Video:

Install wordpress 3.2 Tutorials and Steps:

I assume your webhosting already met new wordpress 3.2 requirements, and if yes, and you wish to install wordpress in 5 minutes way, you can follow this wordpress autoinstall post, which uses Fantastico installer script, which I personally do not recommend it.

See Fantastico wordpress security post why I prefer to install wordpress 3.2 in my blogs manually.

Now, if you want to install WordPress 3.2 manually, you can follow the steps as shown in the video, or read this steps, change the database name, username accordingly to your stuff :)

For more screenshots of this install wordpress 3.2 tutorial you can see install wordpress 3.1.2 version here
1. Access your cPanel and login to your cPanel dashboard.

2. Find “MySQL Database” icon, and click that icon.

3. Create a new database, I typed in “ndb2011″ in the video. *Do not type the same* I repeat, *DO NOT TYPE THE SAME* :) change it as you like, as long as it is not an easy to guess database name. Once you created a database, it will show you, like “Added the database onblog_ndb2011″ sentence.

Click “Go back” to bring you back the “database page”

4. Now, Create a new user for this onblog_ndb2011 database, I typed, “kimi2011″ again, change it uniquely to your own.

The password, you can choose your own not-easy-to-guess password or use password generator, both will work fine, as long as you remember your password. Best to write it down somewhere or notepad because we must type this pass again while installation process.

Be sure the password indicator shows green color and says, strong!

5. Add user to the database, you can see in the drop down tab, be sure you add the right user to the right database, especially if you have many databases and users.

6. To manage the user after you added your database username, you must click “All previleges” to allow yourself accessing database. Click “Make Changes” button.

7. Now comes the time where we have to upload our file, so go back to “Home” or cPanel home screen.

8. Go to File Manager in the domain where you want to set up wordpress.

9. I assume you have wordpress 3.2 zip file in your desktop, so click “Upload” button to upload the zip.file.

10. After you upload it, and then extract the files in the root of the domain (by deleting /wordpress path), you can type your domain address in any web browser, and this will force us to create a configuration file. (see this screenshot)

install wordpress 3.2

Type in database name, username, password and table prefix.

11. Type in any necessary datas, like blog title, etc, then run the install process. (more info, see install wordpress 3.1 version here).

Once you are done with the installation, do not forget to change your public name instead of your login name. We are done with install wordpress 3.2 tutorial :)


  1. Salomon says

    Hi Kimi,

    Your blog is so precious for me, i m a beginner in WP, I come to your blog for help often in those day, i learn a lot, please continue your great work that is very helpful for us, i will buy soon thesis through your link and seopresso because you help me a lot with your tutorial… a question Kimi, do this is very important to Install WordPress 3.2 the way you show us? because i simply did my last update in my WP dashboard and click to upload the new…For security purpose? (sorry for my poor english writing)

    • says

      Hi Salomon,
      Oh this tutorial is only for people who want to start installing wordpress, not if you have already wordpress installed in your cPanel.
      If you want to try the new version or beta version, you can install it offline, here is a quick link to test beta version:
      and Install wordpress in Windows 7 tutorial
      So if you already have a wordpress blog in your webhost, then do not follow this tutorial, it is only for those who want to install it.
      My English is even worse than yours LOL, so no worries :)
      Thank you for coming accross, leaving a comment and considering buying Thesis or SEOpressor through my links!

      • Salomon says

        Thank for reply Kimi!
        I was confuse a bit!
        for the beta test of WP i did not read in my WP that this was just a test version and they said, “we don’t recommend that you run it on a production site” so when i received through the plugin “Update Notifier” i did all the update on all my money site? thank you make me realize that this is just a test version! but my problem is that i canot find anywhere from cPanel or WP Dashboard the switch back to 3.1.1 i just hope everything will be ok?
        i did subscribe to your rss feed via email, this will keep me inform of your new post!

        • Salomon says

          i m ok now i just realize that the update i did was on WordPress 3.1.2. and not in the beta test 3.2 ouf!!
          this is what happen when i m working to late at night LOL

        • says

          LOL! okay, no worries there :-)

          Happens a lot to me too when I am working late at night..

          Take care, Salomon!

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