Install WordPress Locally “Ubuntu”

How you can install wordpress 3.0.1 or 3+ on Ubuntu-Linux  locally using Xampp.

I am a windows user, but i have noticed that lots of people use ubuntu Linux too.

So today i want to post how to install wordpress on Ubuntu. The purpose is that Linux users can also make a testing or local blog like Mac or windows users.

I have posted two tutorials how to install wordpress on windows and how to install wordpress on mac, and today i will post a video that might help you to install wordpress on ubuntu. This video is installing wordpress 2+ however i believe it works with wordpress 3.0.1 or wordpress 3+.

Screenshot of the step.

Benefits of installing wordpress locally is you can try everything out with your “local” blog as it is separated of your “online real” blog. It means, if you try something, it can be themes, plugins, or coding, and it fails, you can easily fix it without disappointing your readers due to down site with an error.

Video tutorial:

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