Installing WordPress 3.0 Tutorial

How to install latest version WordPress 3.0 or 3.0.1 step by step Video tutorial.

I have posted three methods how to install wordpress a few weeks ago, and now the new version is out. So this video tutorial is for you who never used wordpress and want to install wordpress 3.0. (work with version 3+)

If you want to get familiar with wordpress before having a blog online, you can either install wordpress 3.0 in windows locally or mac.
In those two videos tutorial, i still used wordpress 2.9.2 but the method is still the same.

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Back to installation, if you install it in your server there are some difference in wordpress 3.0 installation:

1. It enables us choosing another “Admin” login username in the installation process. Now, if you still have your wordpress login name as “Admin” you can change it with this video guide.

2. The generated random password is gone. So when we install wordpress version 3.0, we can directly type in our password that we want, so it makes the installation process way quicker.

The method is actually similar to any installation of older version. But for today, i use by uploading file method. If you want to know how to install wordpress via ftp, find more guide here (Install WordPress with FTP), or by quick fantastico install find here.(Install WordPress with Fantastico)

Actually before i decided to make the wordpress 3.0 installation by uploading, i tried to install with fantastico, and it looks like, this software is not updated yet, and it will install wordpress older version, which is version 2.9.2.

I hope it will help you to build a wordpress blog, feel free to check updates or subscribe to RSS as i will make some wordpress 3.0 video tutorials in the coming weeks, good luck :)


1. I have posted the most important things to do after wordpress blog is installed.
2. Setting up “reading settings” to suit your blog’s niche.
3. Setting up “discussion settings” to control the comments in your blog.
4. Installing most important plugins.


Update: Install wordpress .3.1 here.

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