Intel Core i5 2500k Review

The Intel Core i5 2500k at glance

The computer community and enthusiasts have been long waiting for the part of 2nd generation of Intel Core processor, The Intel Core i5 2500k.

Before Intel finally introduce it to PC enthusiast, they have put long tests with a few of hypes about these processors, and finally it is released with its performance that exceeded nearly all consumers expectation.

The Intel Core i5 2500k employs 3.30 GHz, LDA1155 socket with 6MB L3 cache, and Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 as well as the Virtualization Technology to increase 25% until 35% perfomance speed over tha older parts generations.

intel core i5 2500k
Intel Core i5 2500k

The Intel Core i5 2500k will definitely won’t disappoint you by delivering a superior value and speed for your computing activities, such as video uploading/editing, emails, HD video and Blu-Ray media playback.

Since this chip has already a proof that it runs stable even if we runs it at up to 5GHz clock speed.

Therefore, as an Intel fan, I was curious with the new innovative and controversial Sandy Bridge, especially The Intel Core i5 2500k.

As I unpacked the box, Intel Core i5-2500K Processor with 6 MB Cache, 3.30 GHz for Socket LGA1155 – Unlocked Boxed comes with one of CPU cooler unit. Of course it is optional to use another CPU cooler of your choice, or use the one that comes with this chip.

This chip is a breathtaking if you are regularly using Adobe softwares, and if you are addicted to play computer games, then this chipset is absolutely a gaming chip for sure.

Intel Core i5 2500K Processor price, specs and features

Price: $234.99


  1. Intel Brand
  2. Type: Processor
  3. Intel Core i5 2500K Form factor
  4. Quad Core Multi Core Technology
  5. 64-bit computing
  6. 1 Processor count
  7. 3.3 GHz Clock Speed
  8. LGA1155 SOcket compatible
  9. 32 nm manufacturing process
  10. 95 Watt TDP(Thermal design power)
  11. Installed 6MB Cache Memory
  12. Intel Graphics 3000
  13. 3 Years Warranty


  1. Processor efficiency using Quad-core processor
  2. Intel SpeedStep Technology
  3. 6MB Intel Smart Cache
  4. Built-in Memory controller
  5. Execute Disable Bit capability
  6. Capable to Dual Display
  7. Intel Clear Video (and HD) Technology
  8. Intel Virtualization Technology
  9. Intel Turbo Boost Technology
  10. Intel 64 Technology

Intel Core i5 2500k (Intel Core i5-2500K Processor with 6 MB Cache, 3.30 GHz for Socket LGA1155 – Unlocked Boxed) Reviews


  1. It does not have HT or Hyper Threading, you’d need i7 Sandy Bridge to do more multitasking, lots of movies editing)


  1. Fantastic performance value
  2. This unit runs very cool
  3. Reduce half time of the boot time
  4. It is a K unlocked edition, very easy for overlocking (I have tried this unit which really easily overclocks to 4.5Ghz)

intel core i5 2500k


To have an increasing performance with this chipset, it really depends on which stage you currently are. If you are now using AMD Phenom X6 or using Intel i7 and i5, this ntel Core i5-2500K Processor with 6 MB Cache, 3.30 GHz for Socket LGA1155 – Unlocked Boxed won’t really impress you much.

But If you are now in need to have super fast chip, then this Intel Core i5 2500K is a worthy system foundation.

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