iPad 2 specs, release date, how much does iPad 2 cost?

iPad 2 steaming rumors.

World web internet users and Apple fans are awaiting for a sensational Apple upcoming iPad 2.

This crazy speculation has been discussed and asked everywhere, Apple discussion forums, blogs, Yahoo Answers, and many more question asks websites.

The Apple iPad 2 new specs, and how much will this device costs, still remain unknown, top secrets of Apple company.

ipad 2

Being in a top secret, it does not stop people to talk about it, even to guess everything new about iPad 2. If it will leak however, it won’t be surprising, but we will just see.
The latest report from daily IT news website, it says, that Apple will launch iPad 2 around April this year.

They will ship iPad 2 from their factories in China around February, and then it will be released in the U.S first (as usual), then reach another countries and continent, Europe, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, Singapore and Hong Kong.

iPad 2 new specs and features? what are they?

Rumors of the upcoming iPad 2 specs are basically estimating that this new gadget will have a cam that is almost similar to iPhone 4′s.

It is predicted to have a port for USB which allow us adding videos, and images.

Other than that, a new feature called gyroscope which is in the iPhone 4 will be placed in iPad 2, as well as something like retina display of Apple, and much more fast processor performance.

The most expected from iPad 2 is the price that is not much more expensive than the previous model, bigger display, but still has lighter weight.

The expected price would not change much as present, which is around $509.99 for the 16 GB.

Should i buy iPad 2?

I personally say no to that question. I mean, i am not really a die hard iFan..iPhone i really like, but not iPad.

Though the new iPad will definitely be a lot better, but there is “nothing” SO great about it. There is already Samsung galaxy tab, it has almost the same price, but it has good features as well.

ipad 2

Samsung Galaxy Tab

It supports flash, which iPad does not. This Apple product is built based on iPod Touch, as well as iPhone.

All iPad’s components are placed from iPod Touch 4G, except the camera. It hass less RAM too, which is 256 MB.

This product need to have Flash support, because so far, it has been a small glitch for web surfing experience.

Every websites still have flash application, as well as advertisements.

Though browsing websites on iPad is already working quite well, everything including images, opening web pages, all work fine, but only with Apple’s safari web browser.

So far, Samsung’s great product, Galaxy tab is a great tablet besides iPad, and i am sure there will be more products from manufacturers like LG, Motorolla, and blackberry on tablet markets this year.

I would say, let’s wait how they all competite, and see all of their features and what we exactly need, though every new iPad features predictions above will make iPad an amazing tablet device, it does not mean it will have all functionality that we really need.

Of course, if you are an iFan, you can save money for iPad 2.

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