Is Google AdSense good for bloggers?

Is AdSense for blogger?

I am sure there are bloggers who do not know what they actually can do with their blogs.

One year ago, when I started this blog, I didn’t know if I actually can earn money by monetizing my visitors.

Whenever I heard people talking, “they can make money online”, I immediately thought, “they are talking BS”. But they were right.

Having Google’s AdSense ads in your blog can really earn you extra cash. Honestly, this month, I was able to get almost $1000 alone from adsense with this blog. (Yes, I have many blogs, but I only put Google ads only in this blog).

Google’s adsense is the biggest PPC (stands for Pay Per Click) in the internet world, and they will pay any clicks that are made in your blog if you have their ads and people click them.

So there are also actually people who pay Google (via AdWords) to put their ads in the search result to have profits, and because they’re paid, Google also need to have publishers who will promote the advertisers ads.

In this case, blogger like myself is one of the publishers.

Why am I writing this post? Everyone knows Google’s Ads- Not true

When I have received or read emails from my visitors, I usually check their sites, and most of them are totally newbies.

They have great contents, and some of them seem to blog already quite a while, and perhaps they don’t know if they can also monetize their traffics.

Of course, it’s not only a way you can monetize your traffics, but it is the most popular network, and most reliable, fast paying. (related: when will adsense pay?).

Furthermore, many times, I spotted my husband always click people’s google adsense’s and I always told him “stoppppppp, don’t click any banners in any websites, because they get paid!!”..

He is not an Internet person, so how would he know? From this short story, I notice some people just don’t know if we can earn money online, especially a wordpress blog.

adsense for bloggers
The red highlighted areas are where my adsense ads are

If you haven’t applied for Google’s AdSense, why not trying?

Because this PPC network is sort of an online’s advertising model, you will need to understand, there are actually some requirements to get your blog accepted. (related: Adsense requirements)

Based on my experience, I was rejected at first, but I did apply myself again. I suggest you to do the same if you are first rejected, don’t give up!

This PPC network, give benefits for both the advertisers, and the publishers. And it is also helping your visitors to find any informations or products that they might look for.

For instance, there is a person who wants to look for “wordpress theme builder” in the big G’s search box.

They will then see many ads that are placed in the first list with the pale yellow background or in the right section of the search result page.

When they click one of them, they will usually be redirected to an online store, or any places which are related to what they are looking for.

This has nothing to do with bloggers like ourselves, but when this person click the list of the websites links in the search result page, they might land to your blog, and see the advertisments banner or text, and redirected to the same store.

This is where you will be paid. Any legit clicks will earn you some money. To get more money, you will need to gain more visitors that will click your banners.

I suggest you to use Google’s AdSense if you haven’t tried it on your blog, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. says

    Hey, maybe you can help me with an advice :)

    I have a 1 year and something old blog, original content (i write it myself) a google page rank of 3, no adult content or something.. and google decided not to allow me for ad adsense for reason of “- Unacceptable site content”. And the policies say nothing I could have identified..

    Any thoughts?