Is My Website Banned by Google? — How to Check

How to check if your website or wordpress blog is banned by Google.

There are many times when you question this “is my website banned by google?” to your self.

It happened to me too a few months ago, when all of sudden, one of my blog post was disappeared from search result.

Is my Website banned by Google? -The signs:

1. Your site has been indexed so far, but suddenly, it is deindexed.

First sign to be banned by Google, but it can be just a temporary, example if your site is new, it is very normal to have the indexed pages disappear and reappear again.

To check your indexed pages, type: in Google search box.

2. Your traffics from Google search engine drop terribly.

Google is not the only search engine on the web, but it plays big role on bringing traffics. If your traffic decrease, do some checking in Google webmaster tool account.

Find more infos how to submit our sites in Google webmaster tool.
banned by google

3. Your site has no more caches.

Google stores any website’s information and datas from the past in cache. If your blog doesn’t have cache, then it is possible to be banned by Google.


It should show the cache page, and the date when the last time it was cached.

Is my website banned by Google? -How to avoid:

1. Be careful with using redirects, especially if you have affiliate links in your website or blog.

If you have lots of them, put “no-follow” link, so Google won’t follow those redirected affiliate links.

You can also control it with robots.txt file if you have specific directory for this redirections.

2. Avoid linking your sites to the other sites which still belong to you, especially if they do have same IPs.

Example, you have multiple blogs in one IP, do not interlinking them, because Google know that those sites are from the same Ip. It is like spamming the web.

3. Try not to build links extremely much per day. Keep it natural.

That was my opinion about the common question: is my website banned by Google?.

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  1. Jay says

    I actually encountered a temporary de-indexing myself with one of my niche sites. It was sitting at about 21st, and then disappeared. A day and a half later it returned in tenth spot. I’m now not too worried if any of my sites suddenly “drops off the radar” as there is a chance it can return. Thanks for the tips!

    • says

      Agree Jay,

      Usually it happens because our sites are new, and Google dance, it is totally normal, and nothing to worry about if we don’t do some Black Hat systems. LOL

      Thanks for visiting and coming by.

  2. Mig says

    Thanks for the post.

    What do you use to create your sitemaps? Do you use the Google XML Sitemap plugin? If so, do you still use webmaster tool? and what for?

    • says

      Hello Mig,

      First, there are two kinds of sitemaps in this blog, sitemap on a page (often called static or HTML sitemap), and sitemap.xml.

      My static sitemap:
      My sitemap.xml :

      The static sitemap is aiming the ability for my visitors to browse all my posts easier.
      The Sitemap.xml, it will help Search Engines to index your site better, it tells them, which page or posts they should index. I have made experiment on my other blog, before i had sitemap.xml in that blog, my blog posts were not indexed, but after i installed it, it was indexed :)

      Both of those sitemaps are optionals to have, especially sitemap static page, but i wanted to have them.

      Yes, i have Google sitemap xml plugin, and i still use webmaster tools. Webmaster tools are very very useful to diagnose your site speed, malwares, duplicate descriptions, error pages and many more.

      Also when your site is hacked, it shows infos too.

      I hope that helps.


  3. Suresh Khanal says

    Good post Kimi and great suggestions. I could not understand why not to link other my other sites though they are on same IP. I agree excessive linking can harm but one link to my all blogs on each blog is very natural, isn’t it?

    • says


      That’s natural and still fine, as long as they are not hundreds websites with the same IPs :)

      Thanks for visiting!

  4. Rahul @ MazaKaro says

    thnks, Kimi. specially for the tips on using”no-follow” links to avoid being banned. but all 3 tips are 3 thousand times useful to all of us.
    thanks again for sharing useful tips regularly.

  5. Ava says

    Hi, is it possible to know if the ban was permanent or temporary? In the middle of June, i found out that my website has been banned by google since I can’t find it anymore using :

    I’ve tried to use reconsideration request, but got computer reply about violating quality guidelines. I’ve removed wordpress plugins that might cause duplicate content, setup robots.txt, yet after second request, still the same answer for google.

    It would be great to know if the penalty is permanent or not, so that I can move on with a new project instead of trying to dig this website out which would be impossible if the ban is permanent.

    • says

      Hi Ava,

      Is it domain? because Google now eliminating these domain extensions from index.

      If not, then it was probably manual review, and if it says “violating quality guidelines” then something in your site which Google does not like.

      I suggest you post in the “Google webmaster support” forums to get more SEO experienced replies and they will review your websites and suggest how to make it better.

      I have checked your site address in your comment URL, but unfortunately, I am not a SEO expert, so I have no idea which part of your site is wrong.

      I hope this helps a bit

      Kind regards,


      • Ava says

        Hi Kimi, no, it’s not, it’s the one on the comment page. I have asked the question in Google webmaster support, only got 1 respond saying that my content is not adding value to users since it’s everywhere on the web. I’m not convinced that this is the cause since it’s a news blog, how can I not talk about the same news since all of us get the same press release/news/publication from the manufacturer newsletter?

        There are famous websites which only write like 50-100 words content then copy paste the press release content. But if I give this reason, all other members just give me cliche reason: google just hasn’t found them :)

        • says

          Hi Ava,

          Yeah, I have read some of the forums posts, they will likely advice, “improve your site”.

          How about editing the posts, giving some contents and resubmit again? I wish I could help you further, but obviously, I can’t.

          The other alternative is, make another website, and start all over again, though I know this is really not a good idea.


  6. says

    Really good stuff Kimi. I too use google’s webmaster tools. These tools are invaluable with pages missing or indexing new posts. I have a few re-directs that are directed to affiliate sites. How many is too many?


    • says

      Hi Paul!

      I honestly no idea how many is too many, I am testing currently, because I have also too much affiliate links.