iTunes could not connect to iPhone pairing record is missing Error

Although iPhone can easily be synced with your iPhone, there are times where a few things just don’t work. (related: iTunes doesn’t recognize iPhone)

It was a stressing error when it happens exactly when you need to do it at that time.

One example, I have received this “iTunes could not connect to iPhone pairing record is missing” error not too long ago when I wanted to connect my iPhone to the iTunes in my other computer.

This can happen to iPod as well actually.

itunes could not connect to iphone pairing record is missing
Error message

And this error thing actually does not happen regularly, that’s why I was kind of “surprised”.

Luckily when this happens to you too, you may just try this simple method, as it was also my fix.

1. Close your iTunes which is currently open.
2. Open your iTunes again, mine was immediately syncing the iPhone.

If this doesn’t work, restart your computer, open iTunes, and re-connect iPhone.

You will wonder how sometimes a simple solution will give you a very good end result.

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  1. Curtis says

    This worked for me with an iPhone 4j, iTunes 10, on a Windows XP system. Thanks!


  2. Kylee B. says

    Thank you soooo much! I literally just got my iPhone and thought it was already ruined :( Great help!