iTunes Doesn’t Recognize iPhone But Charging [Fix]

iTunes doesn’t recognize iPhone – try it with other computer

This is frustating and probably irritating situation whenever my iTunes doesn’t recognize iPhone in my desktop all of sudden when I want to sync my phone.

My iTunes is installed in my desktop which operates Windows Vista, however this has nothing to do with the operating system of the desktop or laptop.

It was quite surprising because it usually worked well without any issues, except when I wanted to copy pictures to my camera roll. However, since I was not really patient enough, I didn’t try to fix it nor look for a solution, but immediately check this in my laptop (this system uses Windows 7).

Surprisingly, it worked with my laptop.

iTunes doesn’t recognize iPhone in both desktop and laptop today!

It has been quite a while I didn’t really sync my iPhone, but today, I remembered I had to backup some apps that I purchased in the last weeks.

Quite shocking that by using my laptop, my iTunes doesn’t recognize iPhone but only charging the battery.

So both my desktop and laptops were useless at this point, and I had to look for the solutions.

If your iTunes doesn’t recognize iPhone

If you have the same issue, your phone is charging but is not detected by your iTunes, try this method, which is actually working for me.

Note, I also have re-installed my iTunes, but this trick did not work unfortunately.

Here is what I did in my Windows 7 and Windows Vista machine.

First of all, disconnect your iPhone from your computer, and close iTunes window if it was opened.

1. Click on the Windows Vista (or Windows 7) start icon on the bottom left of your screen.

itunes doesn't recognize iphone

Windows Start Button

2. You will see list of options on the right, choose “Computer“.

3. Right Click “Computer” and click manage. (click “Allow” if your “User Account Control” is on).

itunes doesn't detect iphone

Computer - Manage

4. Select “Services and Applications” in the left list.

5. Then double click “Services” on the right

itunes doesnt recognize iphone

Services and Applications - Services

6. Be careful in this step, look for “Apple Mobile Devices“. It should be “started” by default.

iphone isnt listed in itunes

"Stop" the service

7. Now, stop this services by clicking “Stop” in the red highlighted button in the screenshot aboce, and click “Apply”

8. Then start this service again, by clicking “Start“. Click “OK”.

itunes doesn't list iphone

"Start" button

After this, you can now open your iTunes, and then connect your phone back again, now your iPhone should be recognized and detected by your iPhone, and charging too.

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