Jetpack Plugin WordPress Video Tutorial

Jetpack plugin wordpress – It’s new!

This month, March 2011, Automattic has released a plugin, Jetpack plugin, for us, selfhosted blog users. (Related post: plugins in blog)

I personally have tried myself, and this is actually cool, though I don’t apply to this blog. (Not yet, I still probably will install it).

The reasons why I still don’t install it, is because I have already enough plugins, and if I can, I don’t want to add and install another new plugin, including this jetpack wordpress plugin.

However, I have created a video tutorial for you, if you want to to install and configure. Though so many features, and I only show you how you can use one of the most cool feature of Jetpack, which is ShareDaddy functions.

We will discuss about this feature more further in this Jetpack plugin post..

Jetpack Plugin WordPress – What is this Plugin?

This Jetpack plugin is actually for users, but now, it is announced to be available for selfhosted blog owners.

In the video, you will probably notice, that in my dummy blog, after we are authorized to use it, we will have so many options.

Let’s peek those features:

1. stats

This widget will help to analyze your visitors stats, such as how many visitors you get, which page that has most views, etc.

2. Twitter Widget.

Do you sometimes see, in many blogs, they have twitter updates? I personally don’t use it, but it is quite popular.

Reason why I don’t use Twitter updates widget is because I don’t use Twitter too much nowadays. With this Jetpack wordpress you can use Twitter widget by dragging and drop this widget in your Appearance tab. (see more: how to use widgets wordpress 3)

3. Hovercards Gravatar.

I remember a few months back, I have made a video tutorial, which is titled, “hover effect comment“. Now with this Jetpack plugin, we don’t need to add any codes, because once you install it, it will be automatically added.

4. shortlinks.

If you are familiar with URL shortener, this URL shortener is very useful too. Especially if you have your admin bar enabled in the front end, you will have easy access to see shortened URL of your post and pages. (Related entry: disable wordpress admin bar).

5. ShareDaddy

This feature which I love the most and the one that I discuss in the video tutorial below, because you don’t have to add any confusing codes to display facebook, twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit and so many social media websites.

My older post, which is floating social media button can give you more explanation about adding our own code. With this Jetpack plugin, it just needs one click mouse and all done for you.

6. LateX

This new markup language inside your dashboard, to allow you having “geek” characters which are mostly used in Math.

7. After the Deadline

This feature will help you while writing your post, it allows you checking grammar, and spelling, those stuff. I guess I need it :-)

8. Shortcode Embeds

This feature will allow you to embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other websites by simply adding a shortcode and the video URL. Though I have checked, the code won’t be validated in w3c. (If you care to validate your code, feel free to check, add video to post).

Jetpack Plugin WordPress Video Tutorial

Jetpack Plugin Video:


Screenshot of the result, a post which has this Jetpack plugin ShareDaddy feature:

jetpack plugin
Jetpack Plugin - ShareDaddy Result

Steps: (or you can download from website)

1. First, you have to be in Admin page, then go to “Plugins”

2. Click “Add New” button, type, “jetpack” in the search box.

3. You will see, Jetpack from in the plugin list.

4. Click, Install Now, and Click OK.

5. Once you install, activate it. (more on how to install wordpress plugin video)

6. We have to connect to, click on “Connect to” big button.

7. After that, you will have to enter your account username and password. If you don’t have one, you need to create an account in website.

8. Click “Authorize” and once you are authorized, you will see Jetpack plugin page, and see the all features that we discussed above.

9. Play around, try, and with SharedDaddy, you can drag and drop social media websites you like to display in post or page.

10. That’s it, now you have more functionalities in your blog, by using only Jetpack plugin.

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  1. Sheila Atwood says

    Whew! This is a pretty comprehensive plugin.

    For a new site this would cover a lot of the usual plugins. I like the idea of having the short codes for video, that is much easier.

    • says

      Hi Sheila,

      Thanks for visiting my blog.

      Yes, Jetpack is a great plugins, it is like combination between many plugins.

      Though I don’t install this plugin yet, since I have enough plugins..

      Thanks for leaving a comment